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(ă-drĕn′ă-lĭn) [adrenal + -in] Epinephrine. The British Pharmaceutical Code recognizes "adrenaline" as the preferred term in the UK for "epinephrine."


(ă-dren″ă-lĭ-nē′mē-ă) [adrenaline + -emia] Epinephrine in the blood.

adrenalitis, adrenitis

(ă-drē″nă-līt is, ăd″rē-nīt′is) Inflammation of the adrenal glands.

autoimmune a. ABBR: AA. Destruction of the adrenal cortex by circulating autoantibodies. In industrialized countries it is the most common cause of Addison disease. The adrenal medulla is spared. Patients with autoimmune adrenalitis may also have other autoimmune conditions, esp. thyroiditis, vitiligo, and pernicious anemia.

adrenalo-, adrenal-, adreno-, adren-

[ad- + L. ren, kidney] Prefixes meaning adrenal glands.


(ad″rĕ-nar′kē) [adren- + Gr. archē, beginning] Changes that occur at puberty as a result of increased secretion of adrenocortical hormones. SEE: menarche; pubarche.


(ad″rĕ-nĕr′jik) [adren- + ergo- + -ic] Pert. to nerve fibers that release norepinephrine or epinephrine at synapses. adrenergically (ad″rĕ-nĕr′ji-k(ă-)lē), adv. SEE: sympathomimetic.


(ă-drē″nŏ-sep′tiv) [adreno- + L. recipere, to receive] Pert. to the sites in organs or tissues that are acted on by adrenergic transmitters.


(ă-drē nŏ-krōm″) [adreno- + Gr. chrōma, color] C9H9NO3; a red pigment obtained by oxidation of epinephrine.


(ă-drē″nō-kort′ĭ-kăl) [adreno- + cortical] Pert. to the adrenal cortex.


(ă-drē″nō-kor″tĭ-kō-stēr′oyd″) [adreno- + corticosteroid] A hormone produced by the adrenal cortex or a synthetic derivative of such a hormone.


(ă-drē″nō-kor″tĭ-kō-trō′pik, -trop′ik) [adreno- + corticotropic] Having a stimulating effect on the adrenal cortex.


(ă-drē″nō-kor″tĭ-kō-trō′ pin) Adrenocorticotropic hormone.


(ă-drē-nō-jen′ĭ-tăl) [adreno- + genital] Pert. to the adrenal glands and the genitalia.

adrenogenital syndrome

A syndrome marked by abnormally early puberty in children, overmasculinization in adults, virilism, and hirsutism, caused by the excessive production of adrenocortical hormones. SEE: congenital adrenal hyperplasia.


(ă-drē″nō-loo″kō-dis′trŏ-fē) [adreno- + leukodystrophy] An X-linked recessive disease in which inability to metabolize very long chain fatty acids results in Addison's disease. Treatments include replacement of adrenal hormones, administration of Lorenzo's oil, or bone marrow transplantation.


(ă-drē″nō-mĕ-dŭl′ĭn) [adreno- medullin, a renal prostaglandin] ABBR: AM. A 52–amino acid regulatory peptide that influences many body functions. These functions include blood vessel ...

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