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(ad″ĕn-ō″mă-tō′sis) [adenoma + - osis] The condition of multiple glandular tissue overgrowths.


(ad″ĕn-ō-mek′tŏ-mē) [adenoma + -ectomy] Surgical excision of an adenoma (glandular tumor).


(ad″ĕn-ō″mī-ō′mă) [adeno- + myoma] A benign complex tumor containing glandular and smooth muscular tissue.


(ad″ĕ-nō-mī″ŏ-mĕ-trīt′is) [adeno- + myometritis] Adenomyosis.


(ad″ĕ-nō-mī″ŏ-sar-kō′mă) [adeno- + myosarcoma] Adenosarcoma that includes muscle tissue.


(ad″ĕ-nō-mī-ō′sis) [adeno- + myo- + -sis] Benign invasive growth of the endometrium into the muscular layer of the uterus. SYN: adenomyometritis. SEE: endometriosis for illus.


(ad-ĕn-op′ă-thē) [adeno- + -pathy] Any abnormal enlargement of a lymph node, e.g., as a result of infection or metastatic cancer.


(ad″ĕ-nō″far″in-jīt′is) [adeno- + pharyngitis] Inflammation of the tonsils and pharyngeal mucous membrane.


(ad″ĕ-nō sar-kō′mă) [adeno- + sarcoma] A tumor with adenomatous and sarcomatous characteristics.


(ad″ĕ-nō-sklĕ-rō″sis) [adeno- + sclerosis] Glandular hardening.


(ă-den′ŏ-sēn″) [Ger. blend of adenine + ribose] A nucleotide containing adenine and ribose.

a. 3′ , 5′ -cyclic monophosphate ABBR: AMP. A cyclic form of adenosine. Its synthesis from adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is stimulated by an enzyme, adenylate cyclase (also called cyclic AMP synthetase). Adenosine 3′, 5′ -cyclic monophosphate is important in a wide variety of metabolic responses to cell stimuli.

a. diphosphate ABBR: ADP. A compound of adenosine containing two phosphoric acid groups. ADP is used to synthesize ATP with the energy released in cell respiration. When ATP is used for cellular functions such as protein synthesis, ADP is reformed. ADP is released from platelets during blood clotting. It attracts additional platelets to an injury and helps them aggregate into a clot.

a. monophosphate ABBR: AMP; 5′ -AMP. A substance formed by condensation of adenosine and phosphoric acid. It is one of the hydrolytic products of nucleic acids and is present in muscle, red blood cells, yeast, and other nuclear material. SYN: adenylic acid.

a. triphosphatase ABBR: ATPase. An enzyme that splits adenosine triphosphate to yield phosphate and energy.

a. triphosphate ABBR: ATP. A compound of adenosine containing three phosphoric acid groups. Its chemical formula is C10H16N5O13P3. ATP is present in all cells and is formed when energy is released from food molecules during cell respiration. Cells contain enzymes to hydrolyze ATP ...

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