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(ă-krē′sh(ē-)ō) [L. growth] Adhesion of parts normally separate from each other.


(ă-krē′shŏn) [accretio] 1. An increase by external addition; accumulation. 2. The growing together of parts naturally separate. 3. Accumulation of foreign matter in a cavity. accretionary (-shŏ-ner″ē), adj.


(ă-kŭl″chŭ-rā′shŏn) The process by which a member of one culture assumes the values, attitudes, and behavior of another. acculturate (ă-kŭl′chŭ-rāt″), v. acculturational (ă-kŭl″chŭ-rā′shŏ-năl), adj. acculturative (ă-kul′chŭ-rāt″iv), adj.


(ă-kūm yŭ-lāt″) [L. accumulare, to pile up] 1. To grow in number or mass. 2. To store or incorporate.


(ak′yŭ-pril″) Quinapril.


(a″kyŭ-ră-sē) [L. accurare, to take care of] 1. The ratio of the error of measurement to the true value. 2. The state of being free of error. 3. The sum of the true-positive and true-negative test results, divided by the total number of tests performed.

ACD sol

Citric acid, trisodium citrate, dextrose solution; an anticoagulant used in collecting blood.


Adriamycin (doxorubicin), cyclophosphamide, etoposide (a regimen of chemotherapeutic drugs used to treat small cell lung cancer); angiotensin-converting enzyme.


[Feminine pl. of L. adjectival suffix-aceus] Suffix used in formation of names of plant families, e.g., Solanaceae.


(ā-sel′ yŭ-lăr) [1an- + cellular] 1. Not containing cells. 2. Having cellular antigens, but no whole cells. The term is used to describe some vaccines.


(ā″sen′trik) [2an- + L. fr. Gr. kentron, needle, pivot point, center] 1. Not central; peripheral. 2. In genetics, lacking a centromere.


American College of Emergency Physicians.

acephalia, acephalism

(ā″sĕ-fāl′yă, ā″sef′ ă-lizm) [a- + cephalo-, head] Congenital absence of the head.


(ā″sef″ă-lŭs) [a- + cephalo-] A fetus lacking a head.

acesulfame potassium, acesulfame-K

(ā″sē′sŭl-fām″) An artificial sweetener added to foods to enhance their palatability without adding calories. Like many sweeteners, it has a bitter aftertaste.


(as″ĕ-tab″yŭ-lek′tŏ-mē) [acetabul(um) + -ectomy] Surgical removal of the acetabulum.


(as″ĕ-tab′yŭ-lō-plas″tē) [acetabul(um) + -plasty] Surgical repair or reconstruction of the acetabulum.


(as″ĕ-tab′yŭ-lŭm) [L. acetabulum, a little saucer for vinegar (acetum)] The cavity or depression on the lateral surface of the innominate bone (hip bone). ...

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