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(tū-bĕr″kū-lō-stăt′ĭk) Arresting the growth of the tubercle bacillus.


(tū-bĕr″kū-lŏt′ĭk) Pert. to tuberculosis.


(tū-bĕr′kū-lŭs) [L. tuberculum, a little swelling] Pert. to or affected with tuberculosis, or conditions marked by infiltration of a specific tubercle, as opposed to the term tubercular, referring to a nonspecific tubercle.


(tū-bĕr′kū-lŭ m) pl. tubercula [L. tuberculum, a little swelling] A small knot or nodule; a tubercle.


(tū″bĕr-ō′sĭs) A condition in which nodules develop; a nonspecific term that indicates no specific disease process.


(tū-bĕr-ŏs′ĭ-tē) [L. tuberositas, tuberosity] 1. An elevated round process of a bone. 2. A tubercle or nodule.

ischial t. A palpable prominence on the inferior margin of the ischium that supports a person's weight when sitting.

maxillary t. A rounded eminence on the posteroinferior surface of the maxilla that enlarges with the development and eruption of the third molar. It articulates medially with the palatine bone and laterally with the lateral pterygoid process of the sphenoid. It forms the anterior surface of the pterygopalatine fossa, including a groove for the passage of the maxillary nerve, which is anesthetized in this region for a maxillary or second-division block.

radial t. Bicipital eminence


(tū′bĕr-ŭs) Pert. to tubers.

tubes tied

A colloquial term for having undergone tubal ligation.


[L. tubus, pipe] Prefix meaning tube.


(too″bō-ab-dom′ĭ-năl) [tubo- + abdominal] Pert. to the fallopian (ovarian) tubes and the abdomen.


(too″bō-ō-var′ē-ăn) [tubo- + ovarian] Pert. to the fallopian (ovarian) tube and the ovary.


(tū″bō-ō-vā-rē-ŏt′ō-mē) [″ + LL. ovarium, ovary, + Gr. tome, incision] Excision of ovaries and oviducts.


(tū″bō-ō″vă-rī′tĭs) [″ + ″ + Gr. itis, inflammation] Inflammation of the ovary and fallopian tube.


(too″bō-per″ĭt-ŏn-ē′ăl) [tubo- + peritoneal] Pert. to the fallopian (uterine) tube and peritoneum.


(too′bō-plas″tē, tū′) [tubo- + -plasty] 1. Plastic repair of a tube. 2. Plastic repair of a fallopian tube or tubes in an attempt to restore patency so that fertilization of the ovum may occur. SYN: salpingoplasty.

transcervical balloon t. Catheterization and dilation of the fallopian tubes, used to treat infertility in women whose fallopian tubes are occluded proximally. A balloon catheter is inserted through the ...

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