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[Gr. tenōn, stem tenont-, tendon] Prefix meaning tendon. SEE: teno-.


(tĕn′ĕr-mĭn″) SEE: atenolol.


(ten″ō-sin″ŏ-vīt′ĭs) [teno- + synovia + -itis] An inflammation of a tendon sheath. SYN: tendosynovitis; tendovaginitis.

t. hyperplastica Painless swelling of extensor tendons over the wrist joint.

de Quervain t. SEE: under de Quervain, Fritz.


(tĕ-nŏt′ō-mē) Surgical section of a tendon. SYN: tendotomy.


transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.


(tĕns) 1. Tight, rigid. 2. Anxious, under mental stress.

tensile strength

(ten′sĭl) [L. tensilis, stretched, tense] The resistance of a structure to stretching or tearing along its longest axis.

Tensilon test

(tĕn′sĭ-lŏn″) A test used in the diagnosis of myasthenia gravis (MG). A short-acting anticholinesterase drug, such as edrophonium chloride or neostigmine, is injected, and the patient is observed for improved muscular strength. The patient is also observed after an injection of a placebo, e.g., saline. Improvement with the active drug, but not the placebo, is a strong indication of MG.


(tĕn″sē-ŏm′ĕ-tĕr) [L. tensio, a stretching, + Gr. metron, measure] 1. A device for determining the surface tension of liquids. 2. A device used to measure the amount of force a muscle can produce. Also called cable tensiometer.


(ten′shŏn) [L. tensio, a stretching] 1. The act or process of stretching; the state of being strained or stretched. 2. Pressure, force. 3. Expansive force of a gas or vapor. 4. Mental, emotional, or nervous strain.

arterial t. Tension resulting from the force exerted by the blood pressure on the walls of arteries.

arterial oxygen t. ABBR: PaO2. The partial pressure of oxygen in the plasma of the arterial blood.

brain tissue oxygen t. ABBR: PbtO2. The oxygen content of the white matter of the brain. It is determined by inserting a small monitor directly into the brain parenchyma. Normal values are >20 mm Hg.

intraocular t. The pressure of the fluid within the eyeball. SEE: tonometry; intraocular pressure.

intravenous t. Force exerted by the blood pressure on the walls of a vein.

muscular t. The condition of a muscle in which fibers tend to shorten and thus perform work or liberate heat.

premenstrual t. Premenstrual dysphoric disorder.

surface t. The molecular attraction of liquid molecules for one another, resulting in an ...

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