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(sŭr′jĭ-kăl) Of the nature of or pert. to surgery.

surgical asepsis

The maintenance of strict disinfection procedures or antisepsis and infection control practices during an operation.

surgical count

SEE: under count.

surgical cutting block

Surgical cutting guide.

surgical cutting guide

A tool that holds an organ, e.g., a bone, in place during an operation to limit the size of the incision or to rotate the organ and the blade along the same fixed axes. SYN: surgical cutting block.

surgical dressing

SEE: under dressing.

surgical field

SEE: under field.

surgical margin

SEE: under margin.

surgical marking

Skin marking.

surgical prep

A colloquial term for SEE: surgical site preparation.

surgical recovery, delayed

Extension of the number of postoperative days required to initiate and perform activities that maintain life, health, and well-being. SEE: Nursing Diagnoses Appendix.

surgical recovery, risk for delayed

Vulnerable to an extension of the number of postoperative days required to initiate and perform activities that maintain life, health, and well-being, which may compromise health. SEE: Nursing Diagnoses Appendix.

surgical release

SEE: under release.

surgical resident

SEE: under resident.

surgical site preparation

The removal of debris, dirt, microorganisms, oils, and scales from the operative site, e.g., skin or mucosa, of a patient about to undergo surgical incision or instrumentation.

surgical technologist

A technologist who assists in many operating room functions, including preparing the patient for surgery, ensuring the sterility of the operating room, operating equipment during surgery, and, in some instances, working as a surgical first assistant.

surgical towel

A sterile drape used to cover the body during surgery.

surgical ventricular reconstruction

SEE: under reconstruction.


(sŭr′nām″) The family name, as distinguished from a person's first or given name. In some societies (such as Hungarian, Japanese, Chinese), the surname is written first.


(sŭr-ĕn′dĕr) [O.Fr. surrendre] Giving up a health care professional license, e.g., at retirement or as a means of resolving a disciplinary action brought forward by a health care supervisory board.



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