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(soo″pră-dŭk′shŭn) [″ + ducere, to lead] Turning upward of the eye.


(soo″pră-jin′jĭ-văl) Above the gingiva; pert. to the location of dental restorations, bacterial plaque, or calculus on the tooth. The gumline is the reference point between the subgingival and the supragingival. SEE: gumline; subgingival.


(soo″pră-glē′noyd) [″ + Gr. glene, socket, + eidos, form, shape] Above the glenoid cavity or fossa.

supraglottic airway

SEE: under airway.


(soo″pră-glŏ-tī′ĭs) Epiglottitis.


(soo″pră-hē-păt′ĭk) [″ + Gr. hepar, liver] Located above the liver.

suprahyoid muscles

The digastric, geniohyoid, mylohyoid, and stylohyoid muscles.

supralaryngeal airway

(soo″pră-lă-rin′j(ē-)ăl) SEE: under airway.


(soo″pră-lĭm′ĭ-năl) [L. supra, above, on top, beyond, + limen, threshold] 1. Above the threshold of consciousness; conscious. 2. Exceeding the stimulus threshold. SEE: subliminal.


(soo″pră-măm′ă-rē) [″ + mamma, breast] Located above the breast.


(soo″pră-măr′jĭn-ăl) [″ + marginalis, border] Located above any border.


(soo″pră-măk′sĭ-lĕr-ē) 1. Pert. to the upper jaw. 2. Located above the upper jaw.


(soo″pră-mē-ā′tăl) [″ + meatus, passage] Above a meatus, esp. the suprameatal spine.


(soo″pră-mĕn′tăl) [L. supra, above, on top, beyond, + mentum, chin] Located above the chin.


(soo″pră-noo′klē-lăr) [supra- + nuclear] 1. Pert. to nerve fibers located above a nucleus in the brain. 2. Superior to the oculomotor nuclei.

supraorbital neuralgia

Neuralgia of the supraorbital nerve. SYN: hemicrania (1).


(soo″pră-pă-tĕl′ăr) [″ + patella, a small pan] Located above the patella.

supraphysiologic, supraphysiological

(soo″pră-fiz″ē-ŏ-loj′ik, -loj′ĭ-kăl) Exceeding what is normally found in healthy individuals. The term usually refers to a hormone or medication given in a stronger dose than the amount the body can produce on its own.


(soo″pră-pū′bĭk) [″ + NL. (os) pubis, bone of the groin] Located above the pubic arch.

suprapubic aspiration of urine

SEE: under aspiration.


(soo″pră-rē′năl) [L. supra, above, on top, beyond, + ren, kidney] 1. Located above the kidney. 2. Pert. to the gland above each kidney that secretes glucocorticoids and mineralocorticoids. SEE: adrenal gland.

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