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An extract prepared from the herbs angelica root, bitter candy tuft, caraway fruit, celandine, chamomile flower, lemon balm leaves, licorice root, milk thistle fruit, and peppermint leaves. It is used as an alternative medical treatment for dyspepsia.

sty, stye

(stī) pl. sties, styes [AS. stigan, to rise] A localized inflammatory swelling of one or more of the glands of the eyelid. They are mildly tender, and may discharge some purulent fluid. SEE: chalazion.

SYMPTOMS: General edema of the lid, pain, and localized conjunctivitis mark the condition. As the internal sty progresses, an abscess will form that can be seen through the conjunctiva.

TREATMENT: Applying warm, moist compresses to the eyelid several times a day for 4 or 5 days usually helps the sty drain. If the sty does not resolve, it can be incised and drained surgically. SYN: hordeolum.

meibomian s. An inflammation of a meibomian gland.

zeisian s. An inflammation of one of the Zeis' glands.

stylet, stylette

(stī-lĕt′) [Fr. stilette] 1. A small, sharp-pointed instrument for probing. 2. A wire used to pass through, stiffen or clear a cannula or catheter.


(stī′lĭ-form) [″ + L. forma, form] Long and pointed.


(stī-lō-glŏs′ŭs) [Gr. stylos, pillar, + glossa, tongue] A muscle connecting the tongue and styloid process that raises and retracts the tongue.


(stī″lō-hī′ăl) [″ + hyoeides, hyoid] Stylohyoid.


(stī-lō-hī′oyd) [″ + hyoeides, hyoid] Pert. to the styloid process of the temporal and hyoid bones. SYN: stylohyal.


(stī″lō-hī-oyd′ē-ŭs) A muscle arising on the styloid process and its insertion on the hyoid bone. It draws the hyoid bone upward and backward.


(stī′loyd″) [stylus + -oid] Resembling a stylus, dart, or other pointed instrument.


(stī″lō-măn-dĭb′ū-lar) [″ + L. mandibula, lower jawbone] Pert. to the styloid process of the temporal bone and mandible.


(stī″lō-măs′toyd) [″ + mastos, breast, + eidos, form, shape] Pert. to the styloid and mastoid processes of the temporal bone.


(stī″lō-făr-ĭn′jē-ŭs) [″ + pharynx, throat] The muscle connecting the styloid process and the pharynx that elevates and dilates the pharynx.


(stī′lŭs) [Gr. stylos, a pillar] 1. A probe or slender wire for stiffening or clearing a canal or catheter. 2. A pointed medicinal preparation in stick form for external application, ...

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