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standardized assessment of concussion instrument, standardized assessment of concussion tool

ABBR: SAC. A common battery of neurological, neuropsychological, and physical tests used to index the relative severity of sports-related traumatic brain injury (concussion). These results are also an indicator of an athlete's physical readiness to return to competition. The assessment includes tests of orientation, memory, concentration, cognition, and physical exertion.

standardized test

A test that has been developed empirically, has adequate norms, definite instructions for administration, and evidence of reliability and validity.

standardized uptake value

ABBR: SUV. The amount of radioactive tracer detected by a positron-emission tomographic scan during imaging of a body part. The SUV is equal to the tissue tracer taken up by the tissue of interest, divided by the injected dose of tracer, divided by the body weight of the patient. The SUV is used radiologically to distinguish benign masses from those that are cancerous; to monitor the response of cancerous masses to treatment with chemotherapy and/or radiation; and to assess the likelihood that a particular cancer will respond to treatment.

standard precautions

SEE: precautions, standard.

standard survey (of nursing home care)

A regularly scheduled, on-site federal investigation of the quality of care provided in a nursing home. The survey assesses compliance with rules promulgated by Medicaid and Medicare.

standard temperature and pressure, dry

ABBR: STPD. Gas volume at 0°C, 760 mm Hg total pressure, and partial pressure of water of zero, i.e., dry.

stand-by assistance

Help provided to a person who cannot complete an activity of daily living on his own, e.g., the prevention of falls and injuries.

standing, impaired

Limitation of ability to independently and purposefully attain and/or maintain the body in an upright position from feet to head. SEE: Nursing Diagnoses Appendix.

standing orders

SEE: under order.


(stand′stil″) A cessation of activity.

atrial s. Cessation of atrial contractions.

cardiac s. Cessation of contractions of the heart.

inspiratory s. The temporary cessation of inspiration normally following each inspiration, resulting from stimulation of proprioceptors in the alveoli of the lungs. SEE: Hering-Breuer reflex.

respiratory s. Cessation of respiratory movements.

ventricular s. Cessation of ventricular contractions.

Stanford-Binet IQ test

(stan′fŏ rd-bĭ-nā′) [Alfred Binet, Fr. psychologist, 1857–1911; Stanford University, where the original test was revised by the U.S. psychologist Louis Madison Terman in 1916] A commonly used test of cognitive abilities. It assesses verbal and nonverbal ...

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