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(sfĭg-mŏm′ĕt-ĕr) [″ + metron, measure] An instrument for measuring the pulse. SYN: polygraph.


(spī′kă) [L., ear of grain] SEE: spica bandage.


(spīs) A colloquial name for any synthetic cannabinoid (any drug that produces effects similar to those produced by smoking or consuming marijuana). Also known as "genie," "K2," and "Yucatan Fire."

spicular, spiculated

(spĭk′yŭ-lăr, spĭk′yŭ-lāt″ĕd) [L. spiculum, a dart] Pert. to or resembling a spicule; dartlike.


(spĭk′ūl) A small, needle-shaped structure. SYN: spiculum.

bony s. A thin island of developing bone.

cemental s. An excementosis or pointed protuberance extending from the surface cementum of a tooth root.


(spĭk′ū-lŭm) pl. spicula [L., a dart] Spicule.


(spīd′ĕr) 1. An arachnid belonging to the order Araneae, class Arachnida, phylum Arthropoda. The body is divided into the cephalothorax and the abdomen joined by a narrow waist. A spider usually possesses four pairs of legs as well as poison fangs. It often possesses spinnerets. 2. Anything resembling a spider in appearance.

arterial s. SEE: spider nevus.

Australian redbacked s. A venemous spider (Latrodectus hasselti) indigenous to Australia with an extremely painful bite. The adult female has a spherical black body with a red stripe on the upper side of her abdomen and an hourglass-shaped red/orange streak on the underside. Antivenins are available.

black widow s. The female of Latrodectus mactans. It is native to the southern U.S., but it has been reported throughout the country. It prefers to live in woodpiles and other locations where it is well hidden. It is glossy black with a brilliant red spot, usually shaped like an hourglass or two triangles, on the undersurface of the abdomen (Southern black widow), or a row of red, white, or yellow spots down the middle of the abdomen with two crosswise bars (Northern black widow). Its body measures about 1 cm (0.4 in) and its leg spread can reach 5 cm (2 in).

 INCIDENCE: The incidence of black widow spider poisoning is not precisely known, but it is low.

 SYMPTOMS AND SIGNS: The bite of a black widow spider initially produces a sensation resembling the prick of a pin and may be mistaken for a flea bite. A numbing pain usually lasts for a short time and then subsides. Later, the patient's abdominal muscles become rigid, and he or she becomes severely diaphoretic. Within a half hour severe abdominal cramps begin. The venom, which is neurotoxic, causes an ascending motor paralysis. Because of ...

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