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(sownd) [Middle English sounden, fr. Fr. sonder, to probe] An instrument used to explore a canal or cavity.

urethral s. A device suitable for use in exploring the urethra. SYN: searcher.


(sownd) [Middle English sund, Old English gesund, healthy] Healthy, not diseased.

sound-conducting apparatus

Those parts of the acoustic apparatus that transmit sound.


(sors) 1. The initiator of an epidemic disease, e.g., the patient who spreads an illness to others or the origin from which an epidemic spreads, e.g., spoiled food or contaminated water. 2. A reservoir or storehouse. 3. In technical and academic writing, the origin of a reference, quotation, or statistic.

funding s. The financial sponsor of an educational, practical, or scientific project.

source control

In the management of an infection, eradication of its origin, e.g., surgical drainage of the abscess cavity in sepsis caused by an abscess.

Southern blot test

An analytical method traditionally used in DNA analysis. After a sample of DNA fragments is separated by agarose gel electrophoresis, the fragments are transferred to a solid cellulose support by blotting. The gel is placed between a concentrated salt solution and absorbent paper. Capillary action draws the fragments onto the solid support. The support is then treated with radiolabeled DNA probes.

southern flying squirrel

SEE: Glaucomys volans.

Southwest Oncology Group

ABBR: SWOG. A clinical cooperative composed of cancer institutions in the southwestern U.S. that researches the value of innovation in treating and preventing cancer.


(sou′dah) Onchocerciasis; river blindness.

soybean, soy

(soy′bēn″) [Dutch or L. fm. Japanese fm. Chinese + bean] A legume (Glycine max) used as a source of several nitrogen-rich foods, including beverages, curd (tofu), flour, textured meat substitutes, and oils. Forty percent of raw soybean is protein. The bean can be processed to remove its oils and carbohydrates to isolate soy protein, a foodstuff containing all of the essential amino acids. In the U.S., most of the soybean crop has been genetically modified to make the plant resistant to commercial weed killers. Soy products have multiple health effects related to reducing (or increasing) cancer risk, improving bone health, reducing blood pressure, and impacting human hormone levels, among others.

soybean oil

SEE: under oil.


[L., spiritus] spirit; species.


(spah) [Spa, a Belgian resort town] A mineral spring, ...

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