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(slip) 1. To move out of a customary place; to dislocate, e.g., an intervertebral disk. 2. To slide into or on top of.

slippery elm

An elm tree (Ulmus rubra) whose inner bark is used as in herbal medicine used as a demulcent or as a poultice.


sublingual immunotherapy.


(slit) A narrow opening.

dorsal s. A surgical procedure to make the foreskin of the penis easily retractable. The foreskin is cut in the dorsal midline but not far enough to extend into the mucous membrane next to the glans.

slit diaphragm

SEE: under diaphragm.


1. An inclined plane or surface. 2. Slant.

lower ridge s. The slope of the crest of the mandibular residual ridge from the third molar forward as viewed in profile.


Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome.


(slŭf) [ME. slughe, a skin] 1. Dead matter or necrosed tissue separated from living tissue or an ulceration. 2. To separate in the form of dead or necrosed parts from living tissue. 3. To cast off, as dead tissue. SEE: escharotic.


(slŭf′ĭng) The formation of a slough; separation of dead from living.


(slō) [AS. slaw, dull] 1. Mentally dull. 2. Exhibiting retarded speed, as the pulse. 3. Pert. to a morbid condition or of a fever when it is not acute.


(slō′ing) In neurology, a decrease in the frequency or rate of brain waves as seen on an electroencephalogram. It may result from structural abnormalities of the brain, brain injury, drugs that alter consciousness, drowsiness, seizures, or sleep.

slow-reacting substance of anaphylaxis

ABBR: SRS-A. Former name given to leukotrienes C4, D4, and E4, arachidonic acid metabolites that contribute to the pathophysiology of asthma, causing prolonged bronchoconstriction, increased vascular permeability, increased bronchial mucous secretion, and vasoconstriction. SYN: leukotriene. SEE: arachidonic acid; asthma.


(slōz) Milk sickness.


split-liver transplantation.

Sluder neuralgia

(sloo′ dĕr) [Greenfield Sluder, U.S. otorhinolaryngologist, 1865–1928] Cranial and facial pain of uncertain cause. It was once thought to emanate from the sphenopalatine ganglion.


(slŭjh) Under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act of 1976, any solid, semisolid, or liquid waste generated from a municipal, commercial, or industrial wastewater treatment plant ...

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