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sepsis syndrome

Septic shock.


(sĕp′tăl) Pert. to a septum.

septal myectomy

Surgical removal of hypertrophied cardiac muscle from the ventricular septum of patients with obstructive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy whose symptoms of heart failure are not well managed with medication alone.


(sĕp′tāt) [L. saeptum, a partition] Having a dividing wall.


(sĕp-tĕk′tō-mē) [″ + Gr. ektome, excision] Excision of a septum, esp. the nasal septum or a part of it.


[L. septem, seven] Prefix meaning seven.


(sĕp′tĭk) [Gr. septikos, putrefying] 1. Pert. to sepsis. 2. Pert. to pathogenic organisms or their toxins.


(sĕp-tĭ-sē′mē-ă) [″ + haima, blood] The presence of pathogenic microorganisms in the blood. septicemic (-ĭk), adj.


(sĕp-tō-nā′zăl) [L. saeptum, a partition, + nasus, nose] Pert. to the nasal septum.

septo-optic dysplasia

SEE: under dysplasia.


(sĕp″tō-plăs′tē) [″ + Gr. plassein, to form] Plastic surgery of the nasal septum.


(sep″tō-rī′nō-plas″tē, sep″tŏ-rī′nō-plas″tē′) [(nasal) septum + rhinoplasty] Surgical repair of the nasal septum along with cosmetic enhancements of the nose.


(sep-tos′tŏ-mē) [septum + -stomy] Surgical formation of an opening in a septum.

amniotic s. Surgical puncturing of the membrane between twins affected by the twin oligohydramnios-polyhydramnios sequence.

balloon atrial s. The surgical enlargement of an opening between the cardiac atria for palliative relief of congestive heart failure in newborns with certain heart defects. A deflated balloon is inserted into a vein, passed through the foramen ovale, and then inflated and pulled vigorously through the atrial septum to enlarge the opening and improve oxygenation of the blood. SYN: Rashkind procedure.

surgical atrial s. Septostomy performed with a specialized scalpel or knife to separate fused structures within the hearts of infants born with complex congenital cardiac defects.


(sep′tŭm, sep′tă) pl. septa [L. saeptum, a partition] A wall dividing two cavities. septal (sep′tăl), adj.

atrial s. The myocardial septum between the atria of the heart. SYN: interatrial septum; septum atriorum cordis.

atrioventricular s. The septum that separates the right and left atria of the heart from the respective ventricles.

deviated s. A nasal septum displaced to one side. It sometimes causes impaired air flow through a nostril.

interatrial ...

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