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(skan′dē-ŭm) [L. Scandia, Scandinavia, where the minerals were found containing the element + -ium (1)] SYMB: Sc. A rare, soft, lightweight transition metal, atomic weight 44.956, atomic number 21. It is used in health care in alloys, nanomolecules, and some lasers.


(skan′ing) 1. Recording on an image receptor the emission of radioactive waves from a specific substance injected into the body. 2. Obtaining different images of a specified anatomical part through a system that compiles information in a sequential pattern, such as computed tomography, ultrasound, or magnetic resonance imaging.

renal s. Scintigraphy to determine renal function, size, and shape. A radioactive substance that concentrates in the kidney is given intravenously. The radiation emitted from the substance as it accumulates in the kidneys is recorded on a suitable photographic film.

scanning laser ophthalmoscope

ABBR: SLO. A laser-powered ophthalmoscope for producing images of the choroid or retinal layers of the eye.


(skăn′tē) [ME. from O. Norse, skamt, short] Not abundant; insufficient, as a secretion.


(skā′fă) [NL., skiff] An elongated depression of the ear between the helix and antihelix.

scapho-, scaph-

[Gr. skaphē, boat] Prefixes meaning boat-shaped, scaphoid.


(skăf′oyd) [″ + eidos, form, shape] 1. Boat-shaped, navicular, hollowed. 2. SEE: under bone.


(skap′shŏn) [scapula] Movement in the plane of the scapula.


(skap′yŭ-lă′) [L. scapula, shoulder blade] The large, flat, triangular bone that forms the posterior part of the shoulder. It articulates with the clavicle and the humerus. SYN: shoulder blade. SEE: illus.; triceps.





tipped s. A condition in which the inferior angle of the scapula is prominent, usually the result of faulty posture and a tight pectoralis minor muscle. Tipping is a normal motion when a person reaches with the hand behind the back.

winged s. A condition in which the medial border of the scapula is prominent, usually the result of paralysis of the serratus anterior or trapezius muscles.


(skăp′ū-lăr) Pert. to the shoulder blade.


(skăp″ū -lĕk′tō-mē) [L. scapula, shoulder blade, + Gr. ektome, excision] Surgical excision of the scapula.

scapulo-, scapul-

[L. scapula, shoulder, shoulder blade] Prefixes meaning shoulder, scapula.


(skăp″ū-lō-hū′mĕr-ăl)[″ + humerus, upper arm] Pert. to the scapula and humerus.

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