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(rē-sekt′) [L. resecare, to cut off, cut back] To cut off or cut out a portion of an entire structure or organ, as cutting off the end of a bone or removing a segment of the intestine.


(rē-sĕk′tă-bl) Able to be removed surgically; usually used in reference to malignant growths.


(rē-sek′shŏn) [L. resectio, a cutting off] Partial or complete excision of a bone or other structure.

bilateral carotid body r. ABBR: BCBR. A rarely used method of treating carotid sinus syncope that relies on the bilateral surgical removal of the carotid bodies. SEE: carotid body; carotid sinus syncope.

bowel r. A colectomy or hemicolectomy. SEE: colectomy; hemicolectomy.

endoscopic mucosal r. A treatment for Barrett esophagus in which tissue that appears abnormal in the mucosa and submucosa of the esophagus is removed with an endoscopic scalpel or a snare. The tissue removed is examined by pathologists to determine if dysplasia or cancer is present.

gastric r. Surgical resection of all or a part of the stomach.

piecemeal r. Removal of a structure from the body, e.g., a polyp from the colon, in small bits or stages.

submucous r. Removal of tissue below the mucosa, esp. excision of cartilaginous tissue beneath the mucosal tissue of the nose.

transurethral r. of the prostate ABBR: TUR, TURP. The removal of prostatic tissue using a device inserted through the urethra. SEE: prostatectomy; illus.





wedge r. Surgical removal of a triangular-shaped piece of tissue, e.g., from the lung, gastrointestinal tract, uterus, ovary, or other organs. Wedge resection is often used to remove malignant tissue.

window r. Resection of a portion of the nasal septum after reflection of a flap of mucous membrane.


(rē-sĕk′tō-skōp) [L. resectus, cut off, + Gr. skopein, to examine] An instrument for resection of the prostate gland through the urethra.


(rē″sĕk-tŏs′kō-pē) Resection of the prostate through the urethra.


(rĕ-zĕrv′) [L. reservare, to keep back] 1. Something held back for future use. 2. Self-control of one's feelings and thoughts.

alkali r. Alkaline r.

alkaline r. The amount of base in the blood, principally bicarbonates, available for neutralization of fixed acids (acetoacetate, β-hydroxybutyrate, and lactate). A fall in alkaline reserve is called acidosis; a rise, alkalosis. SYN: alkali r.

cardiac r. The ability of the heart to ...

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