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reduplicative paramnesia

(rĭ-doop′lĭ-kāt″ĭv) A rare psychiatric disorder in which the patient is convinced that the environment in which he is living has been duplicated brick by brick and leaf by leaf in another location. It is usually diagnosed in people who have suffered a focal brain injury, e.g., to the right hemisphere of the brain.


(ri-doo′vē-id) [Fr. Reduviidae] A bug of the family Reduviidae. reduviid, adj.


(rej″ŭ-vī′ĭ-dē″) [Reduvia, the name of the type genus + -idae] A family of the order Hemiptera, including the assassin bugs and the kissing bug.


(ri-doo′vē-ŭs) [L. reduvia, hangnail] A genus of true bugs belonging to the family Reduviidae.

red wale markings

Raised red streaks seen on esophageal or gastric varices during endoscopy. They suggest that the varices have a high likelihood of rupture and bleeding.

Reed-Sternberg cell

(rēd′stĕrn′bĕrg″) [Dorothy Reed, U.S. pathologist, 1874–1964; Karl Sternberg, Aust. pathologist, 1872–1935] A giant, malignant, multinucleated B lymphocyte, the presence of which is the pathologic hallmark of Hodgkin's disease. SEE: illus.




Reed-Sternberg cell in Hodgkin Lymphoma



(rēej″ŭ-kā′shŏn) [re- + education] 1. Training to restore competence to a person with functional limitations. 2. A physical technique to facilitate restoration of motor control.

sensory r. A rehabilitation regimen used after sensation is impaired by peripheral nerve injuries or surgery to the hand. Common applications include manual techniques, vibration, and electrical stimulation. The purpose is to relearn the interpretation of sensory information related to pain, temperature, and object identification.


(rēf) A fold or tuck, usually taken in redundant tissue.


(rē-en′trē) In cardiology, the cycling of an electrical impulse through conductive tissue that has been recently stimulated. This is the cause of many tachycardic heart rhythms (such as those originating in the atrioventricular node).


(rē-ks″pēr′ē-ĕns) To recall an event, feeling, or thought; to have an intrusive memory or "flashback." Frequent re-experiencing of traumatic events is one of the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.


(rē-fĕk′shŭn) [L. reficere, to refresh] 1. Restoration after hunger or fatigue, esp. with food or drink. 2. Recovery by laboratory rats from the symptoms of vitamin B deficiency caused by consuming a diet deficient in vitamin B, due to vitamin synthesis by intestinal flora.

refeeding syndrome

The potentially fatal metabolic response of a ...

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