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(kwĭk′ĕn-ĭng) A woman's initial awareness of the movement of the fetus within her womb (uterus). Most commonly, fetal activity is first reported between 18 and 20 weeks' gestation.


(kwĭk′līm) CaO; calcium oxide (unslaked lime). It forms calcium hydroxide when water is added to it.


(kwĭk′look″) A colloquial term for a rapid assessment, esp. of a cardiac rhythm during emergency cardiac resuscitation.

Quick Neurological Screening Test

ABBR: QNST. A standardized test of neurological function for persons 5 years of age or older. It assesses various areas, including attention, balance, motor planning, coordination, and spatial organization.

Quick test

(kwik) [Armand James Quick, U.S. physician, 1894–1978] 1. A liver function test that measures the amount of hippuric acid excreted after a dose of sodium benzoate is given. 2. A test for the amount of prothrombin present in plasma. 3. Quick Neurological Screening Test.


(kwē-ĕs′ĕnt) The condition of being inactive or at rest. SYN: dormant; latent.


(kwĭn′ă-prĭl″) An ACE inhibitor, administered orally to manage hypertension and congestive heart failure. Its therapeutic class is antihypertensive. SYN: Accupril.

Quincke, Heinrich

(kving′kĕ) Heinrich Irenaeus Quincke, Ger. internist, 1842–1922.

Q.'s disease Angioedema.

Q.'s pulse Capillary pulse.

Q.'s puncture Lumbar puncture.


(kwĭn-ĕs′trōl) An estrogen.


(kwī′nīn″, kwĭ-nēn′) [Sp. Quina + -ine] A bitter white crystalline alkaloid derived from cinchona bark and used as an antimalarial. It is usually administered in the form of its salts.

q. sulfate The sulfate of a cinchona alkaloid, used to treat nocturnal leg cramps and malaria.


(kwī′nīn-ĭzm, kwĭ-nēn′ĭzm) Cinchonism.

quininium resin test

(kwĭ-nĭ′nē-ŭm, kwī-nī′) ABBR: QRT. A tubeless (nonendoscopic) test for insufficient gastric acid secretion. The patient consumes quininium resin. If the pH of the stomach is less than 3.5, quinine is freed from the resin and absorbed. Its presence is detectable in the blood.


(kĭ-nō′ă, kēn′wa) [Sp. quinua fr Quechua (an indigenous language in the Andes Mountains), kinua, kinwa] A protein-rich seed consumed as a staple in Peru and other Andean nations. It has a lower glycemic index than many grains (for which it serves as a food substitute), is gluten-free, contains about 15% protein by weight, and is a source of all essential amino acids.


(kwĭn′ō-lōn) Any of a class of ...

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