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premenstrual syndrome

ABBR: PMS. SEE: premenstrual dysphoric disorder.


(prĕm′ĭs) A proposition or starting point that is accepted as true or that is agreed to be true. SEE: assumption.


(prē′mē-um) A payment made periodically to a health care insurer in exchange for benefits coverage (indemnity against future expenses).

premium support

(prē′mē-ŭm sŭ-pŏrt) A form of health insurance coverage in which a third party, such as an employer or the federal government, provides a fixed contribution to an employee's health insurance costs. The employee chooses the extent of coverage, e.g., basic, catastrophic, dental, extensive, and how much he or she is willing to pay to be insured.


(prē″mikst′) [pre- + mixed] Prepared in standard concentrations or percentages before use. Insulins, e.g., may be pure (composed of either short or long-acting varieties but not both), or they may be combined to take advantage of the differing times of onset and peak effect of two different agents. Premixed insulins are usually labeled with two numbers, separated by a slash (/). An insulin mixture that is half long-acting and half rapid-acting is labeled 50/50; one that is 70% long-acting and 30% rapid-acting is labeled 70/30.


(prē″mō′lăr) [pre- + 2molar] One of the permanent teeth that erupt to replace the deciduous molars. They are often called bicuspid teeth because the maxillary premolars have two cusps; the mandibular premolars may have from one to three cusps. The premolars are located between the canine and first molar of each quadrant of the dental arches. SEE: bicuspid tooth; dentition.


(prĕm″ĕ-, prē-mĕ-nĭsh′ŭn) [L. praemonere, to warn beforehand] A feeling of an impending event.


(prē-mŏn′ĭ-tō-rē) [L. praemonitorius] Giving a warning, as an early symptom.


(prē-mor′bĭd) [″ + morbidus, sick] Occurring before the development of disease.


(prē″mū-nish′ŏn) [L. praemunitio, stem praemunition-, advance fortification] Immunity acquired after repeated exposure to an antigen in the environment. premunize (prē′myŭ-nīz″), v.


(prē-nāt′ăl) [pre- + 1natal] Before birth. SYN: antenatal.

prenatal counseling

Instruction of pregnant women and their partners about the choices they may need to make during pregnancy, esp. about prenatal nutrition, folic acid supplementation, exercise, screening, and methods of childbirth, and how these choices may affect the outcome of the pregnancy.


(prē-ō-bēs′) The term used by the World Health ...

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