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premature nodal contraction or complex.


paroxysmal-nocturnal dyspnea.


[Gr. pnoia, pnoē, breath, fr. pnein, to breathe] Suffix meaning breath, breathe, or breathing. The variant -pnoea is used outside the U.S.


psychogenic nonepileptic seizure.

pneum-, pneumo-

[Gr. pneuma, air, breath] Prefixes meaning air, gas, respiration, pneumonia. SEE: pneumato-; pneumono-.


(nū-măt′ĭk) [Gr. pneumatikos, pert. to air] 1. Pert. to gas or air. 2. Pert. to respiration. 3. Pert. to rarefied or compressed air.


(nū-măt′ĭks) The branch of physics that is concerned with the physical and mechanical properties of gases and air.


(nū″mă-tī-zā′shŭn) The formation of air-filled cavities, usually in bone, e.g., the paranasal sinuses and mastoid sinuses.


(noo′mŭ-tīzd, nū′) Filled with air or gas.

pneumato-, pneumat-

[Gr. pneuma, stem pneumat-, air, breath] Prefixes meaning air, gas, pneumatic, respiration. SEE: pneum-; pneumono-.


(nū-măt′ō-sēl) [″ + kele, tumor, swelling] 1. A hernia of the lung tissue. 2. A swelling containing gas or air, esp. a swelling of the scrotum. SYN: pneumonocele.

extracranial p. A collection of gas under the scalp, caused by a fracture of the skull that communicates with a paranasal sinus.

intracranial p. A collection of gas within the skull. SYN: pneumocephalus; pneumocranium.


(nū″mă-tō′sĭs) [Gr. pneumatosis] The presence of air or gas in an abnormal location in the body.

p. cystoides intestinalis The presence of thin-walled gas-filled cysts in the intestines. The cause is unknown. The cysts usually disappear but occasionally rupture and cause pneumoperitoneum.


(noo″mă-toor′ē-ă) [Gr. pneuma, air, + ouron, urine] Excretion of urine containing free gas.


(noo″mek′tŏ-mē, nū″) [pneum- + -ectomy] Pneumonectomy.


(nū″mō-sĕf′ă-lŭs) [Gr. pneuma, air, + kephale, head] Intracranial pneumatocele.


(nū″mō-kŏk′ăl) [″ + kokkos, berry] Concerning or caused by pneumococci.


(nū″mō-kŏkŭs) pl. pneumococci [″ + kokkos, berry] Streptococcus pneumoniae.


(noo″mō-kō″nē-ō′sĭs) [pneumo- + coniosis] Any disease of the respiratory tract ...

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