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[Gr. phobia, fear] Suffix meaning fear, aversion.


(fō′bĭk) 1. Pert. to a phobia. 2. One who is affected by a phobia.


(fō″kō-mē′lē-ă) [Gr. phoke, seal, + melos, limb] A congenital malformation in which the proximal portions of the extremities are poorly developed or absent. Thus the hands and feet are attached to the trunk directly or by means of a poorly formed bone. In some cases this condition was due to the pregnant woman taking thalidomide, a sleeping pill, during early pregnancy. That drug is no longer approved for such use. SYN: amelia.


(fon) [Gr. phōnē, voice, sound] A unit of measure of perceived loudness.


(fō-nā′shŏn) The production of sounds used in speech. phonate (fō′nāt″), v.


(fōn) [Gr. phone, voice] A single speech sound.


(fō′nēm) [Gr. phonema, an utterance] In linguistics, the smallest unit of speech in a given language that distinguishes one sound from another in that language, e.g., sub and sup in English.


(fŏ-net′iks) [Gr. phōnētikos, vocal, spoken] The study of the production (pronunciation) and reception (hearing) of speech sounds. SEE: phonology.

-phonia, -phony

[Gr. -phōnia, fr. phōnē, sound of the voice, voice, speech] Suffixes meaning speech (for a speech disorder of a specific kind, esp. of phonation, e.g., egophony, tragophony).


(fō″nē-a′triks) [phon- + -iatr(ic) + -ics] The medical study of the voice and treatment of its disorders.


(fon′ikk) 1. Pert. to the production of sound or a sound. 2. Pert. to the voice or to the sounds of speech.

phono-, phon-

[Gr. phonē, voice] Prefixes meaning sound, voice.


(fō″nŏ-kard′ē-ŏ-gram″) [phono- + cardiogram] ABBR: PCG. A graphic recording of the heart sounds.


(fō″nō-kăr″dē-ŏg′răfē) [″ + ″ + graphein, to write] The mechanical or electronic registration of heart sounds.


(fō′nō-grăf) [″ + graphein, to write] An instrument used for the reproduction of sounds recorded on vinyl.


(fŏ-nol′ŏ-jē) [phono- + -logy] The study of the speech sounds of a particular language at a particular time or place, e.g., 17th-century Mexican Spanish. SEE: phonetics. phonological (fō″nŏ-loj′ĭ-kăl, fon″ŏloj′ĭ-kăl), adj...

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