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(par″ă-sen′trăl) [para- + central] Adjacent to the center; off-center.


(par″ă-kord′ăl) [para- + chordal] Adjacent to the anterior portion of the notochord in the embryo.


(par′ă-chŭrch″) Pert. to a faith-based organization that operates independently of a specific religious denomination to provide social welfare services to a community. parachurch, n.


(par″ă-kok-sid″ē-oyd′ēz) A genus of yeastlike fungi.

P. brasiliensis The species of dimorphic yeast that causes South American blastomycosis. It was formerly called Blastomyces brasiliensis. SEE: Blastomyces brasiliensis.

P. loboii Lacazia loboi.


(păr″ă-kŏk-sĭd″ē-ŏy″dō-mī-kō′sĭs) A chronic granulomatous disease of the skin caused by Paracoccidioides brasiliensis. SYN: South American blastomycosis.


(par′ă-kōn″) In dentistry, the mesiobuccal cusp of an upper molar tooth.


(par″ă-krin, par″ă-krīn″, par″ă-krēn″) [para- + -crine] Pert. to secreting macromolecules that diffuse and influence other nearby cells. Paracrine secretion is one of three general mechanisms (the others being autocrine and endocrine) by which ductless glands regulate or control the activities of cells. SEE: autocrine; endocrine.

paracrine regulation

The secretion of macromolecules, such as clotting factors, to regulate the activities of neighboring cells. SYN: paracrine signaling.

paracrine signaling

Paracrine regulation.


(par′ă-dim″, par′ă-dīm″) [L. paradigma fr Gr. paradeigma, example] 1. An example that serves as a model. 2. In a discipline, a well-defined set of abstract, general concepts. SEE: conceptual framework.

paradigm shift

(par′ă-dim″, par′ă-dīm″) In the natural and medical sciences, a fundamental change in a conceptual framework that is also an improvement over the older one, e.g., the theory of biogenesis replacing the theory of spontaneous generation. SEE: biogenesis; spontaneous generation.


(par′ă-doks″) [Gr. paradoxos, contrary to expectation] A condition or statement that on superficial examination seems contradictory or illogical.

prevention p. A preventive measure that brings benefits to the community at large but affords little benefit to each participating individual.

paradoxical disinhibition

An unexpected increase in aggressiveness, hostility, impulsivity, or talkativeness in a patient after treatment with a tranquilizingdrug, esp. a sedative/hypnotic. SEE: paradoxical excitement.

paradoxical excitement

Paradoxical disinhibition.


(păr′ă-fĭn) [L. parum, too little, + affinis, neighboring] 1. A waxy, white, tasteless, odorless mixture of solid hydrocarbons obtained from petroleum; ...

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