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pancreat-, pancreato-

[L. fr. Gr. pankreas, stem pankreat-, pancreas] Prefixes meaning pancreas.


(pan″krē-ă-tek′ tŏ-mē, pang″krē-ă-tek′tŏ-mē) [pancreat- + -ectomy] Surgical removal of part or all of the pancreas. Total pancreatectomy produces diabetes mellitus because of the removal of insulin-producing cells; exogenous insulin must therefore be administered. After a subtotal partial pancreatectomy, diabetes may develop afterwards because the remaining islets may be unable to handle the increased demands placed on them.

distal p. Surgical removal of the body and/or tail of the pancreas. SEE: diabetes.


(pan″krē-at′ik, pang″krē-at′ ik) [pancreas + -ic] Pert. to the pancreas.

pancreatic function tests

Any of several noninvasive tests used to assess the health of the exocrine pancreas, typically by assessing the levels of certain enzymes or digestive products in blood, feces, or urine. Some examples are the amino acid consumption test, the NBTPABA test, and the pancreatolauryl test. None of these tests perfectly reflects pancreatic function. SEE: oral glucose tolerance test.


(pan″krē-at″ĭ-kō-doo″ŏ-dē′năl) [pancreatic + duodenal] Pert. to the duodenum and pancreas.


(pang″krēat″i-kō″doo″ŏ-dē-nek′tŏ-mē) A surgical treatment for cancer of the head of the pancreas in which the pancreatic head is surgically removed, along with adjacent organs (the last portion of the bile duct and the stomach and the duodenum). SYN: Whipple procedure.


(pang″krē-at″ĭ-kō-gas-tros′tŏ-mē) [pancreatic + gastrostomy] The surgical creation of an anastomosis between the transected end of the pancreas and the stomach. The procedure may be performed in patients with pancreatic cancers or pseudocysts.


(păn″krē-ăt″ĭ-kō-jĕ″jū-nŏs′tō-mē) [″ + ″ + L. jejunum, empty, + Gr. stoma, mouth] Surgical creation of a passage between the pancreatic duct or the transected end of the pancreas and jejunum.


(păn′krē-ă-tĭn) [Gr. pan, all, + kreas, flesh] 1. One of the enzymes of the pancreas. 2. A mixture of enzymes, chiefly amylase, lipase, and protease.

ACTION/USES: It is used chiefly in patients with chronic pancreatitis, who do not secrete adequate amounts of their own pancreatic enzymes.


(pang″krē-ă-tīt′ĭs, pan″krē-ă-tīt′ĭs) [pancreat- + -itis] Inflammation of the pancreas, sometimes accompanied by damage to neighboring organs (such as the bowel, lungs, spleen, or stomach) or by a systemic inflammatory response. SEE: acute p.; chronic p.

acute p. Pancreatitis of sudden onset, marked by epigastric pain, nausea, vomiting, and elevated serum pancreatic enzymes. Varying degrees of pancreatic inflammation, autodigestion, necrosis, ...

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