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O.U., o.u.

L. oculus uterque, each eye.


(wă-bā′ĭn) A glycoside prepared from Strophanthus gratus (a woody vine native to sub-Saharan Africa). Its action is similar to that of digitalis. SEE: digitalis.


(owns) [Ult. fr L. uncia, a twelfth (of a foot or a pound)] ABBR: oz. 1. In the avoirdupois system, a unit of weight equal to 1/16 of an avoirdupois pound or 28.35 g. 2. In the troy system, a unit of weight equal to 1/12 of a troy pound of a troy pound or 31.103 g. 3. Fluid ounce.


[Fr. -us, -ous, fr. L. -osus, adj. suffix] 1. Suffix meaning possessing, full of. 2. Suffix meaning pertaining to. 3. Suffix used in chemistry in meaning the lower of two valencies. SEE: -ic. SEE: 1 -ose.


(owt′born″) A premature infant who is delivered at a health care facility and then transferred to a tertiary care medical center. SEE: inborn.


1. The sudden increase in the incidence of a disease or condition. 2. A disease or condition that rapidly spreads through a community.

common-source o. A disease that begins at a single locus and spreads through a community. The source may be, for example, a contaminated well, an index patient, or a munitions plant.


(owt′brēd″ing) The mating of unrelated (or very distantly related) members of a species. It increases the heterozygosity and genetic diversity of offspring. SYN: outcrossing. SEE: inbreeding.


A result or consequence, e.g., of a disease, an interpersonal interaction, a chemical reaction, drug, or operation.

composite o. In medical research, an outcome that combines several dependent variables, as, in a study of a new drug to prevent stroke, the combined incidence of stroke, heart attack, and death in patients assigned to active treatment. SYN: composite outcome measure.

expected o. 1. The anticipated results of a therapeutic intervention. 2. The anticipated findings of a scientific investigation. Expected outcomes are most useful when they are described in precisely defined terms.

functional o. In rehabilitation therapy, a measurable goal that helps a patient perform specific activities of daily living.

positive o. In health care, the remediation of functional limitations or disability; the prevention of illness or injury; or an improvement in patient satisfaction.

outcome and assessment information set

ABBR: OASIS. A group of items that represent the core of a comprehensive assessment for adult home health patients. It forms the ...

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