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(ŏs-tī′tĭs) [Gr. osteon, bone, + itis, inflammation] Osteitis.


(os′tē-ŭm, os′tē-ă) pl. ostia [L. ostium, a little opening] A small opening, esp. one into a tubular organ. ostial (os′tē-ăl), adj.

o. primum The opening in the first septum of the embryonic heart; it closes as the ventricles form.

o. primum defect An atrial septal defect located low in the septum, resulting from the incomplete closure of the ostium primum.

o. secundum An opening in the higher part of the septum of the atria of the embryonic heart. This becomes the foramen ovale and closes shortly after birth.

o. secundum defect An atrial septal defect located high in the septal wall, usually resulting from incomplete formation of the edge of the ostium secundum.


(ŏs′tō-māt) [L. ostium, little opening] One who has a surgically formed fistula connecting the intestinal or urinary tract to a site on the skin surface (stoma), usually through the abdominal wall. SEE: colostomy; ileostomy.


(ŏs′tō-mē) A surgically formed fistula connecting a portion of the intestine or urinary tract to the exterior (usually through the abdominal wall). SEE: colostomy; ileostomy. SEE: illus.





OSTOMY CARE: Whether the ostomy is temporary or permanent, the patient should be assured that it will be possible to carry on normal activities with a minimum of inconvenience. Prior to being discharged from the hospital, the patient and/or family should be provided full explanation and demonstration of ostomy care. Consultation with another patient who has become competent in ostomy care will be esp. helpful. Those individuals may be contacted through ostomy clubs that have been organized in various cities. The patient should be provided with precise directions concerning places that sell ostomy care equipment. Detailed instructions for care and use of ostomy devices are included in the package.

Specific care involves the stoma (enterostomal care) and irrigation of the bowel, when appropriate, leading to the stoma. In caring for a double-barrel colostomy, it is important to irrigate only the proximal stoma.

STOMA CARE: The character of the material excreted through the stoma will depend on the portion of the bowel to which it is attached. Excretions from the ileum will be fluid and quite irritating to skin; those from the upper right colon will be semifluid; those from the upper left colon are partly solid; and those from the sigmoid colon will tend to be solid. Care of the stoma, whether for ileostomy or colostomy, is directed toward maintaining the peristomal skin and mucosa of the stoma in a healthy condition. This ...

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