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ocular pursuit

The ability of the eyes to follow a moving object.


(ŏk′ū-lī) Pl. of oculus.

oculo-, ocul-

[L. oculus, eye] Prefixes meaning eye.


(ŏk″ū-lō-kū-tā′nē-ŭs) Concerning the eyes and the skin.


(ŏk″ū-lō-fā′shē-ăl) Concerning the eyes and the face.


(ŏk″ū-lō-jī-rā′shŭn) [″ + Gr. gyros, circle] The circular motion of the eyeball around its antero-posterior axis. SEE: nystagmus.


(ŏk″ū-lō-jī′rē-ă) The limits of rotation of the eyeballs.


(ŏk″ū-lō-jī′rĭk) Producing or concerning movements of the eye. SYN: oculomotor.


(ŏk″ū-lō-mō′tor) [″ + motor, mover] Relating to eye movements. SYN: oculogyric.


(ŏk″ū-lō-nā′săl) [″ + nasus, nose] Concerning the eyes and the nose.


(ŏk″ū-lō-plăs′tĭks) Plastic surgery of the eyelids and other periorbital tissues, performed to treat ectropion, exophthalmos, ptosis, trauma, or other conditions.


(ŏk″ū-lō-pū′pĭ-lăr-ē) Concerning the pupil of the eye.

oculovestibular test

(ŏk″ū-lō-vĕs-tĭb′ū-lăr) Caloric test.


(ŏk′ū-lŭs) pl. oculi [L.] Eye; the organ of vision made up of the eyeball and optic nerve.

o. dexter ABBR: OD. The right eye.

o. sinister ABBR: OS. The left eye.

o. uterque ABBR: OU. Each eye.


overdose; [L.] oculus dexter, right eye.


(ō″dăk-sĕz′mŭs) [Gr. odaxesmos, an irritation] The biting of the tongue, lip, or cheek during an epileptic attack.


(ō″dăk-sĕt′ĭk) Producing a stinging or itching sensation.


(ō′dēd′) Slang term for a death or illness due to a drug overdose, esp. a drug of abuse.


In statistics, the probability that an event may appear or occur. This probability is estimated from known rates of occurrence of the event in a specific setting, e.g., from the known number of patients with a particular disease on a particular island. In practice, most patients do not live on islands, and many have diseases whose presentation varies from the norm. The use of odds in health care always implies some degree of probability rather than of proof.

odds ratio

In epidemiological case-control studies, a relative measure of the occurrence of disease. The odds in ...

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