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nutrition, readiness for enhanced

A pattern of nutrient intake that is sufficient for meeting metabolic needs and can be strengthened. SEE: Nursing Diagnoses Appendix.

nutritional adequacy

The relationship between intake of nutrients and individual requirements.

nutritional preemption

The reduction of risk factors for disease by consuming a healthy or personally tailored diet.

nutritional recovery

SEE: under recovery.

nutritional support

The giving of nutrients either by intravenous infusion (parenterally) or by drip feeding through a tube placed in the upper gastrointestinal tract (enterally).


(nū-trĭsh′ŭs) [L. nutritius] Affording nourishment.


(nū′trĭ-tĭv) 1. Pert. to the process of assimilating food. 2. Having the property of nourishing.

nux vomica

(nŭks vŏm′ĭ-kă) The poisonous seed from an East Indian tree that contains several alkaloids, the principal ones being brucine and strychnine.


non-weight bearing.


(nik-tă-lō′pē-ă) [nycto- + Gr. alaos, blind + -opia] 1. Inability to see well in a faint light or at night. This condition occurs in retinitis pigmentosa and choroidoretinitis. It may also be due to vitamin A deficiency. Smoking tobacco may impair the ability to see at night. Hypoxia associated with being above sea level in an aircraft will also decrease night vision. SYN: night blindness; nyctotyphlosis. 2. An incorrect term for hemeralopia (day blindness). SEE: hemeralopia.


(nik″tam″blē-ō′pē-ă) [nycto- + amblyopia] Reduction or dimness of vision at night without visible eye changes.

nycto-, nyct-, nycti-

[Gr. nyx, stem nykt-, night] Prefixes meaning night. SEE: noct-.

nyctohemeral, nycthemerus

(nik″tō-hem′ĕ-răl, nikt-hem′ĕ-rŭs) [nycto- + Gr. hēmera, day] Pert. to both day and night.


New York Heart Association.


(nī′lŏn) A synthetic polymer that can be formed into fibers, lines, sutures, sheets, and fabrics. It is used in a variety of medical applications, including nonabsorbable sutures.


(nimf) [L. nympha fr Gr. nymphē, young bride, marriageable young woman, maiden] The immature stage of insect development in which wings and genitalia have not fully developed.


(nim″fŏ-mā′nē-ă) [L. nympha fr Gr. nymphē, young bride, marriageable young woman, maiden + -mania] A colloquial term for excessive sexual desire or promiscuous sexual behavior by a female.


(nim″fŏ-mā′nē-ak″) [L. nympha fr Gr. nymphē, young ...

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