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Hemorrhage from the nose. SEE: epistaxis; Kiesselbach area.


(nō-sē′mă) A genus of parasites of the order Microsporidia. SEE: microsporidiosis.


(nōz′pēs) The portion of a microscope to which the objective lenses attach.

nose springs

A springlike device applied to the bridge of the nose that pulls the nostrils open slightly. The device may reduce nasal airway resistance, thereby improving sleep quality and decreasing snoring.

noso-, nos-

[Gr. nosos, disease] Prefixes meaning disease.


(nos″ŏ-kō′mē-ăl) [L. nosocomium, hospital + -al] Pert. to or occurring in a health care setting, as in a hospital or nursing home. SEE: table.

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Adverse Events That Occur in More Than 3% of Hospitalized Patients

Bleeding disorders resulting from excessive anticoagulation

Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) resulting from insulinsor oral antidiabetic drugs

Postoperative myocardial infarction

Kidney injury caused by radiologic contrast agents

Ventilator-associated pneumonia and postoperative pneumonia

Urinary tract infections in patients with indwelling bladder catheters

Pressure ulcers

Vascular catheter injuries and mishaps


(nŏs′ōd) A homeopathic vaccination. A very dilute pathological tissue sample, taken from the blood, feces, mucus, pus, or tissue of an infected or diseased organism, administered to a human to promote immunity against disease.


(nō-sŏl′ ō-jē) [″ + logos, word, reason] The science of description or classification of diseases.


(nŏs′ō-fīt) [″ + phyton, plant] A disease-causing plant microorganism.


(nos″ŏ-sil′ŭs) [noso- + psylla, flea] A genus of flea belonging to the order Siphonaptera.

N. fasciatus A species responsible for transmission of murine typhus and, possibly, of plague. SYN: northern rat flea.


(nŏs-tal′jă) [Gr. nostos, a return home + -algia] 1. Longing to return home; homesickness. 2. A sentimental longing to return to an earlier experienced time or place.


(nos′trĭl) [Old English nosu, nose + thyrel, a hole] One of the external apertures of the nose. SYN: naris. SEE: nose.


(nŏs′trŭm) [L., our] A patent, secret, or quack remedy.


(noch) A deep indentation or narrow gap in the edge of a structure. SYN: incisure.

dicrotic n. In a pulse tracing, a notch on the descending limb.

greater sciatic n. A large notch on the posterior border of the hip bone between the posterior inferior iliac spine and the ...

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