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(nŏn″ē-lĕk′trō-līt) [″ + Gr. elektron, amber, + lytos, dissolved] A solution that will not conduct electricity because its chemical constituents are not sufficiently dissociated into ions.

nonepileptic attack disorder

(non″ep″ĭ-lep′tik) Pseudoseizure.


(nŏn-fē′zĕns) [L. non, not + O.Fr. faisance, doing, action] In law, failure to meet an obligation, esp. an official duty or a legal one.


(non″for′myŭ-ler″ē) [non- + formulary] Not approved for use. The term is applied to a drug whose prescription is not usually reimbursed by a health insurer because it is absent from its formulary.

nonfunctional, nonfunctioning

(non″ fŭngk′ shŏn-ăl, non″fŭngk′ shŏn-ing) 1. Not having a function, use, or purpose, e.g., male nipples. 2. Not functioning or being able to function normally, e.g., the spleen in sickle cell anemia.

nongonococcal urethritis

(non″gon″ŏ-kok′ăl) [non- + gonococcal] SEE: under urethritis.

nonheartbeating organ donation

ABBR: NHBOD. An organ, e.g., a kidney or liver, derived from a patient who is asystolic, apneic, and unresponsive to stimulation. Organs used in transplantation may be donated by living donors such as friends or relatives or deceased donors who have chosen to donate their body parts.

non-Hodgkin lymphoma

(non″hoj′kĭn) SEE: non-Hodgkin lymphoma.


(nō′nē) [Hawaiian] A tropical fruit tree (Morinda citrifolia) studied for its possible use as an immune booster and a treatment for cancer.


(nō″nĭ-gră′vĭ-dă) [L. nonus, ninth, + gravida, pregnant] A woman pregnant for the ninth time. Written gravida IX. SEE: nonipara.

nonimmediate allergic reaction

Delayed hypersensitivity reaction.


(non″in-fēr′ē-ŏr) [non- + inferior] In a clinical trial, jargon for at least as good as or no worse than.


(nŏn″ĭn-vā′sĭv) 1. Not tending to spread, as certain tumors. 2. A device or procedure that does not penetrate the skin or enter any orifice in the body.


(nō-nĭp′ăr-ă) [″ + parere, to bring forth, to bear] ABBR: Para IX. A woman who has given birth nine times.


(non″lin′ē-ăr) Not linear; not obeying a linear relationship. In mathematics, a linear equation may be given in the form y = mx + b, where x is the independent variable, and y is the dependent variable. A nonlinear relationship cannot be represented by such an equation.


(nŏn″mă-lĕf′ĭ-sĭns) The principle of not doing something that causes harm. ...

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