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1. Born recently. 2. A term applied to human infants less than 28 days old. SEE: neonate.

Newcastle disease

(nū′kăs-ĕl) [Newcastle, England] An acute viral disease of birds, particularly chickens. It occasionally produces incidental infections in humans, usually in the form of a mild conjunctivitis.


SEE: Drug Abuse Warning Network.

New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase

(mĕ-tal″ō-bāt″ă-lak′tă-mās″) ABBR: NDM. A bacterial enzyme that confers resistance to carbapenems and other beta-lactam-based antibiotics.

new drug application

ABBR: NDA. An application requiring approval by the Food and Drug Administration before any new drug is marketed to the general public. Before approval, the manufacturer must provide the FDA with scientifically acceptable evidence of the new drug's safety and efficacy.

New Freedom Initiative

A comprehensive U.S. federal program to promote the participation of persons with disabilities in society by increasing access to built environments and transportation, making devices usable despite physical and sensory limitations, expanding educational and employment opportunities, and promoting increased access to community life.

newly born

Born within the past few minutes. Contrast the terms newborn and neonate.

Newman, Margaret

(nū′măn) Nursing educator, born 1933, who developed the Theory of Health as Expanding Consciousness.

new molecular entity

ABBR: NME. A unique, pharmacologically active product that has never previously been synthesized or used to treat disease.


(nooz′groop″, nūz′) An Internet-based support group that shares information about a particular topic, e.g., advances in the management of a disease (including diagnosis, treatment, or prognosis) or developments in prosthesis.


(nū′tŭn) SYMB: N. The name of a measure of force derived from the base units used in SI units of measurement. It is equal to the force that will accelerate one kilogram a meter per second squared, 105 dynes.

newton meter

SYMB: Nm. In SI units, one newton per square meter. This is called one pascal (Pa). Thus 1 Pa = 1 N/m2.

New World

The Western hemisphere. Used in the biological sciences to designate plants, animals, and infections that live or thrive primarily in North, South, and Central America.

New York Heart Association

ABBR: NYHA. The professional society that promulgated four classes of heart failure. Class 1 is asymptomatic, but there is risk because of hypertension with evidence of organ stress; Class 2 is mildly symptomatic during significant exertion; Class 3 is moderately symptomatic during light exertion; and in Class ...

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