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(nĕr′vŭs, nĕr′vī″, nĕr′vē″) pl. nervi [L. nervus, sinew, tendon, nerve] A nerve. SEE: nerve.

n. intermedius The smaller of the two roots of the facial nerve (CN VII). It emerges between the large motor root of the facial nerve and the vestibulocochlear nerve (CN VIII) on the lateral side of the hindbrain along the lower (caudal) edge of the pons SYN: intermediate nerve.

nervi nervorum Nerve fibers that innervate sheaths of nerves.

n. terminalis The nerve fibers accompanying the olfactory nerve to the brain, consisting principally of sensory fibers from the mucosa of the nasal septum.

nervi vasorum Vasomotor nerve.


(nē-sīd″ē-ō-blăs-tō′sĭs) Diffuse hyperplasia of the beta cells in the islets of Langerhans of the pancreas. It is a rare cause of hypoglycemia.


A small cluster of unusual cells found within normal tissue. SYN: rest (4).

cancer n. A mass of cells extending from a common center seen in cancerous growths.

cell n. A mass of neoplastic cells set apart from surrounding cells by connective tissue.


(net′ĕl) Any plant of the genus Urtica, esp. U. dioica. The sawtoothed leaves contain hairs that secrete a fluid that irritates the skin. Extracts from nettles are used as herbal remedies to treat allergic rhinitis and kidney stones and for their diuretic effects. SYN: stinging n.

stinging n. Nettle.


(net′wŏrk″) 1. A fiber arrangement in a structure resembling a net. SYN: rete; reticulum. 2. An integrated health care system, typically composed of health care professionals, facilities, pharmacies, and equipment or service providers. Particular networks are listed under the first word. SEE: e.g., Advanced Research Projects Agency Network.

Neuman, Betty

(nū′măn) Nursing educator, born 1924, who developed Neuman's systems model, a conceptual model of nursing.

N.'s systems model A conceptual model of nursing developed by Betty Neuman in which individuals and groups are considered client systems made up of physiological, psychological, sociocultural, developmental, and spiritual variables that respond to stress The goal of nursing is to facilitate optimal wellness through retention, attainment, or maintenance of client system stability. These three goals are referred to respectively, as primary prevention, secondary prevention, and tertiary prevention interventions.


(noor′ad″) [neur- + -ad] Toward a nerve or its axis.


(noor′ăl) [neur- + -al] Pert. to nerves or the nervous system.


(noo-ral′jă) [neuro- + -algia] Pain occurring along a nerve. It may be ...

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