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muscle cramps

SEE: under cramp.

muscle dysmorphia

A body image disorder principally experienced by males, characterized by excessive fear about one's body size, esp. a concern that one's muscles are not large enough. Boys affected by muscle dysmorphia often take drugs, e.g., androgenic or anabolic steroids, to increase their body size. The syndrome is also known colloquially as bigorexia or vigorexia. SYN: muscle dysmorphic disorder; reverse anorexia. SEE: body dysmorphic disorder.

muscle fiber

SEE: under fiber.

muscle metabolism

SEE: under metabolism.

muscle phosphorylase deficiency

SEE: under deficiency.

muscle recovery

SEE: under recovery.

muscle relaxer

Muscle relaxant.

muscle soreness

A nonspecific term used to describe general discomfort in a muscle or muscle group that is the result of disease, trauma, or exertion. SEE: delayed onset m.s.

delayed-onset m.s. ABBR: DOMS. Muscle tenderness, decreased strength, and decreased range of motion that develops 12 to 24 hr following strenuous exercise and peaks in intensity between 24 to 48 hr, although symptoms may persist 72 hr or more. DOMS may result from microtearing of muscular fibers, lactic acid accumulation, local inflammatory response, and/or physiochemical changes within the muscle fibers. Muscle soreness is most pronounced following eccentric exercise. SEE: eccentric exercise; inflammation.

muscle synergy, muscular synergy

The association of several muscle groups contracting simultaneously as a single functional unit, e.g., the back, trunk, abdominal, and leg muscles working together to maintain balance while walking.


(mŭs′kyŭ-lăr) [musculus] 1. Pert. to muscles. 2. Having well-developed muscles.

muscular dystrophy

SEE: under dystrophy.


(mŭs-kyŭ-lar′ĭs) [musculus] The smooth muscle layer of an organ or tubule.

m. mucosae Smooth muscle tissue of a mucous membrane.

muscular system

The system that includes the skeletal muscles and their tendons. SEE: muscle.

muscular tissue

SEE: under muscle.


(mŭs′kyŭ-lă-chŭr) [musculus] The arrangement of muscles in the body or its parts.

musculo-, muscul-

[L. musculus, muscle] Prefix meaning muscle. SEE: myo-.


(mŭs-kyŏ-lō-ap″ŏ-noor-ot′ik) [musculo- + aponeurotic] Pert. to muscular and aponeurotic tissue. SEE: aponeurosis.


(mŭs″kyŭ-lō-kū-tān′ē-ŭs) [musculo- + ocutaneous] 1. Pert. to the muscles and skin. 2. Supplying or ...

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