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(moj″ŭ-lā′shŏn) 1. The alteration in function or status of something in response to a stimulus or altered chemical or physical environment. 2. In electronics, a method of coding information onto a carrier in which a signal is used to vary the amplitude, frequency, or phase of a normally constant carrier signal. 3. The augmentation or suppression of an impulse carried by nerves.


(mŏj′ool) [L. modulus, a small unit of measure] 1. In education, a unit of study. 2. In engineering, a structural element used in the design or architecture of a device.


(mŏj′ŭ-lŭs) [L., a small measure] In physics, a constant or coefficient that indicates to what extent a substance possesses some property.

modus operandi

(mō′dŭs op″ĕ-ran′dē) A way or method of performing an action.


mature-onset diabetes of youth.


model of human occupation.


Model of Human Occupational Screening.


mechanism of injury.


(moy′ĕ-tē) [Fr. moitié fr. L. medietas, middle] 1. One of two equal parts. 2. A portion of something that has been divided.


(moyst) Damp, wet.

moisture-associated skin damage

Damage to skin resulting from chronic exposure to exudate, mucus, perspiration, saliva, urine, or stool. It may occasionally become secondarily infected or ulcerated. The damage may occasionally become secondarily infected or ulcerated.

moisture vapor transmission rate

ABBR: MVTR. The rate at which a barrier permits moisture to penetrate or escape. In pharmaceutical packaging the moisture vapor transmission rate is one element that determines the shelf life and expiration of a medication.


SEE: 2mole.


molecular; molecule.


(mō′lăl) One mole of solute per kilogram of solvent. SEE: mole.


(mō-lal′ĭt-ē) [molal] The number of moles of a solute per kilogram of solvent. It is the unit of choice when dealing with colligative properties such as osmotic pressure.


(mō′lăr) [L. moles, a mass] 1. Pert. to a mole. 2. Gram-molecule. SYN: mole (1). 3. Pert. to solutions having a concentration of solute of 1 mol/L at 25°C.


(mō′lăr) [L. molaris, grinding] A grinding or back tooth, one of three on each side of ...

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