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methyl methacrylate

(mĕth″ĭl-mĕth-ăk′crē-layt) A polymer, made from methacrylic acid, used as a bone cement, bonding agent, drug-delivery vehicle, and tissue adhesive. Its operative use is sometimes associated with hypotension, fat or air embolism, or other complications.


(meth″ĭl-naf′thă-lēn″) [methyl + naphthalene] C11H10, a polycylic aromatic hydrocarbon made from coal tar. It is used in the manufacture of detergents, insecticides, solvents, and vitamins. It has been found as a contaminant in rivers and other water sources and in some food packaging.


(mĕth″ĭl-păr′ă-bĕn) An antifungal agent used as a preservative in pharmaceuticals.


(meth″ĭl-trans′fĕr-ās″) An enzyme that catalyzes the transfer of a methyl group from one compound to another. SYN: transmethylase.


(mĕth″ĭl-zăn′thēn) A group of naturally occurring agents present in caffeine, theophylline, and theobromine. They act on the central nervous system, stimulate the myocardium, relax smooth muscle, and promote diuresis. A commonly prescribed methylxanthine is theophylline, which is used primarily to treat asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.


(mĕt-mī″ō-glō′bĭn) Myoglobin with the ferrous ion in the heme oxidized to the ferric ion.


(mĕ′tŏl) Monomethy-p-aminophelol sulfate, one of two developing agents used in radiographic developing solutions. Its primary function is to act quickly to bring out the shades of gray in a radiographic image.


(mĕ-ton′ĭ-mē) [meta- + onoma, name, noun] 1. In rhetoric, a figure of speech in which one word is used for another, related one, e.g., crown for king, queen, or sovereign. 2. In psychiatry, mental confusion exhibited in some schizophrenic disorders in which an imprecise but loosely related term is used for the correct one, e.g., rifle for war or apple for ball.


(me-top′ik) [Gr. metōpon, forehead] Pert. to the forehead.


(mĕt′ō-pĭzm) Persistence of the metopic suture in an adult.

metoprolol tartrate

(mĕ-tŏp′ră-lŏl″, -lōl″) A beta-1 selective beta blocker that lowers blood pressure, slows the heart rate, and reduces the heart's contractility but is less likely than nonselective beta blockers to cause wheezing. Trade names include Toprol and Toprol XL.


(mē′trē-ă) Inflammation of the uterus during the puerperium.


(me′trik) [L. metricus fr. Gr. metrikos, pert. to meter, metrical] 1. Pert. to the meter or the metric system. 2. A standard of measurement; a benchmark. metrically (′tri-k(ă-)lē), adv.

metric system

A system of weights and measures based ...

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