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(mĕ-tăm′ĕr-ĭzm) 1. Isomerism. 2. Isomerism consisting of segments or metameres. metameric (mĕt-ă-mĕr′ĭk), adj.


(mĕt″ă-mor-fŏp′sē-ă) [Gr. meta, after, beyond, over, + morphe, form, + opsis, vision] Distortion of vision, esp. of the central visual field.


(mĕt″ă-mī-ĕl ō-sīt) A transitional cell intermediate in development between a myelocyte and a mature granular leukocyte. SYN: juvenile cell.


(mĕt″ă-nĕf′rĭn) An inactive metabolite of epinephrine.


(met″ă-nef′roy″) Plural of metanephros.


(met″ă-nef′rŏs, met″ă-nef′ros″, met″ă-nef′roy″) pl. metanephroi [meta- + nephros] The permanent kidney of amniotes (reptiles, birds, and mammals). Part of the metanephros develops from the caudal portion of the intermediate cell mass or nephrotome; the remaining portion is derived from a bud of the mesonephric duct. SEE: mesonephros; pronephros.


(mĕt-ă-păr-ă-dīm′) The concepts that identify the phenomena of central interest to a discipline; the propositions that describe those concepts and their relationships to each other.


(mĕt′ă-fāz) [″ + phasis, an appearance] The second stage of mitosis in which the pairs of chromatids line up on the equator of the cell. Each pair is connected at the centromere, which is attached to a spindle fiber. Metaphase follows prophase and precedes anaphase, in which the chromatids become chromosomes and are pulled to opposite poles of the cell. SEE: cell division for illus; mitosis.


(mĕ-taf′ĭ-sĭs, mĕ-taf′ĭ-sēz″) pl. metaphyses [meta- + Gr. physis, growth, nature] The portion of a developing long bone between the diaphysis, or shaft, and the epiphysis; the growing portion of a bone. metaphyseal, metaphysial (mĕ-taf″ĭ-sē′ăl), adj.


(met″ă-plā′zh(ē-)ă) [meta- + -plasia] Conversion of one kind of tissue into a form that is not normal for that tissue. metaplastic (-plas′tik), adj.

myeloid m. Extramedullary hematopoiesis.


(met″ar″tēr′ē-ōl″) A small vessel connecting an arteriole to a venule from which true capillaries are given off. SYN: precapillary.


(mĕ-tăs″tă-sĕk′tă-mē) [″ + ″] Surgical removal of cancerous growths that have spread from the original tumor to other locations around the body.


(mĕ-tas′tă-sĭs, mĕ-tas′tă-sēz″) pl. metastases [meta- + stasis] 1. Movement of bacteria or body cells (esp. cancer cells) from one part of the body to another. 2. A change in the location of a disease from one part of the body to another. Diseases (such as cancer) may spread by direct invasion or through body fluids, e.g., the bloodstream, lymphatics, cerebrospinal fluid, ...

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