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(mes″ŏ-doo″ŏ-dē′nŭm, mez″ŏ-doo″ŏ-dē′nŭm, mes″ŏ-doo″ŏ-dē′năl, mez″ŏ-doo″ŏ-dē′năl) pl. mesoduodena [meso- + duodenum] The mesentery connecting the duodenum to the abdominal wall.


(mez″ō-en-dem′ik, mē″zō-en-dem′ik) [meso- + endemic] Of certain infectious diseases, affecting a substantial proportion of an at-risk population but not the whole population.


(mes″ŏ-gas′trē-ŭm, mez″ ŏ-gas′trē-ŭm) [meso- + gastro- + -ium (2)] 1. The umbilical region. 2. The part of the mesentery of the embryo attached to the primitive stomach. mesogastric (mes″ŏ-gas′trĭk, mez″ŏ-gas′trĭk), adj.


(mĕ-sog′lē-ă) [meso- + glia] A relatively rare term for the microglia. SEE: microglia.


(mes″ō-jĕ-joo′nŭm, mez″ō-jĕ-joo′nŭm) [meso- + jejunum] The mesentery of the jejunum.

mesomelic dwarfism

An autosomal dominant form of dwarfism in which short stature is accompanied by shortening of the lower legs and the forearms.


(mes′ŏ-mēr″, mes′ŏ-mēr″) [meso- + -mere] 1. A portion of the mesoderm between epimere and hypomere. SYN: intermediate mesoderm; nephrotome. 2. A blastomere that is intermediate in size between a micromere and a macromere.


(mes″ŏ-mē′trē-ŭm, mez″ŏ-mē′trē-ŭm, mes″ŏ-mē′trē-ă, mez″ŏ-mē′trē-ă) pl. mesometria [meso- + 1metro- + -ium (2)] 1. The uterine musculature. 2. The broad ligament below the mesovarium. mesometrial, mesometric (mes″ŏ-mē′trē-ăl, mes″ŏ-mē′trik), adj.


(mĕs′ō-morf) A body build characterized by predominance of tissues derived from the mesoderm (i.e., muscle, bone, and connective tissues); a well-proportioned individual. SEE: ectomorph; endomorph; somatotype.


(mez″ŏ-nef′rik, mes″ŏ-nef′rik) [meso- + nephric] Pert. to the mesonephros.


(mez″ŏ-nef′roy″) Plural of mesonephros.


(mĕs″ō-nē-frō′mă) [″ + nephros, kidney, + oma, tumor] A relatively rare tumor derived from mesonephric cells developing in reproductive organs, esp. the ovary, or the genital tract.


(mez″ŏ-nef′rŏs, mez″ŏ-nef′roy″) pl. mesonephroi [meso- + nephros] A type of kidney that develops in all vertebrate embryos of classes above the Cyclostomes. It is the permanent kidney of fishes and amphibians but is replaced by the metanephros in reptiles and mammals. SYN: archinephron; wolffian body. SEE: embryo; mesonephros; metanephros; paroophoron; parovarium. mesonephric (mez″ŏ-nef′rik), adj.


(mez′ŏ-fīl″) [meso- + -phile] A mesophilic microorganism. SEE: mesophilic.


(mez″ŏ-fil′ik) [meso- + -philic] Of bacteria, thriving in an optimal moderate temperature between 77° and 104°F (25° and 40°C), but growing within the limits of 50° and 113°F (10° and 45°C). SEE: psychrophilic; thermophilic.

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