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Melissa officinalis

(mĕ-lis′ă ŏ-fis″ĭ-nā′lis) SEE: lemon balm.

melit-, melito-

SEE: 2melo-.


(mĕl-ī′tĭs) [Gr. melon, cheek, + itis, inflammation] Inflammation of the cheek.

1melo-, mel-

[Gr. melos, limb] Prefixes meaning limb or extremity.

2melo-, mel-, melit-, melito-

[Gr. meli, stem melit-, honey] Prefixes meaning honey.

3melo-, mel-

[Gr. mēlon, cheek, apple] Prefixes meaning cheek.

meloplasty, melonoplasty

(mel′ŏ-plast″ ē) [3melo- + -plasty] Plastic surgery of the cheek.


(mĕl″ō-rē″ŏs-tō′sĭs) [Gr. melos, limb, + rhein, to flow, + osteon, bone, + osis, condition] A rare sclerotic tumor of long bones in which new bone formation resembles a candle with wax dripping down the sides.

melting point

SEE: under point.


[L. membrum, a limb, member] 1. An organ or part of the body, esp. a limb. 2. In managed care, a person who contracts with a prepaid health care program to receive medical services.


(mem′brān″) [L. membrana, parchment] 1. A thin, pliable layer of tissue that lines a tube or cavity, covers an organ or structure, or separates one part from another. 2. A very thin sheet of polymer, ceramics, glass, or metal.

alveolocapillary m. The membrane through which gases must pass as they diffuse from air to blood (oxygen) or blood to air (carbon dioxide), including the alveolar fluid and surfactant, cell of the alveolar wall, interstitial space (tissue fluid), and cell of the capillary wall. SYN: respiratory membrane. SEE: illus.





arachnoid m. The delicate middle membrane of the three meninges, which enclose the brain and spinal cord. The arachnoid membrane is 5–6 cells thick. It is adherent to the inner surface of the dura by dural border cells. It is connected to the pia mater by a spiderweb of thin connections, owing to their common embryological origin as the leptomeninges. The space between the arachnoid and pia (the subdural space) is filled with cerebrospinal fluid. SYN: arachnoid; arachnoid mater.

atlanto-occipital m. A single midline ligamentous membrane that extends from the arch of the atlas to the borders of the foramen magnum.

basement m. A two-part extracellular membrane found at the interface between some tissues, e.g., skin and dermis. The basement membrane is made of a basal lamina along the cell surfaces, coated by a stronger collagen-rich layer (reticular lamina).


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