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mandated treatment

Legally mandated treatment.

mandatory drug testing

(man′dă-tor″ē) The enforced testing of individuals for evidence of drug or alcohol use or abuse. Some state or federal regulatory or licensing agencies require random drug testing of employees in specific industries to ensure public safety and to prevent on-the-job injuries. In addition, some health care professionals who have a history of drug or alcohol abuse may be required to participate in such testing as a means of monitoring compliance with abstinence.

mandatory reporting

(măn′dă-tŏr″ē) [L. mandatorius, commissioned, obligatory] Legally required notification to a state, federal, or police agency of a criminal act, e.g., domestic violence, or of a disease that poses a menace to public health.


(man′dĭ-bĕl) [L. mandibula, lower jawbone] The horseshoe-shaped bone forming the lower jaw. SEE: illus.






(man-dib′yŭ-lă, man-dib′yŭ-lē″) pl. mandibulae [L. mandibula, lower jawbone] The mandible. SEE: mandible.


(man-dib′yŭ-lăr) Pert. to the mandible.

mandibular advancement splint

SEE: under splint.


(man-dib″yŭ-lot′ ŏ-mē) [mandibula + -tomy] Surgical division of the jaw bone, e.g., to dissect and remove a tumor in the mouth, head, or neck.

mandrake, mandrake root

(man′drāk″) The common name of several plants, e.g., Podophyllum peltatum. SEE: Podophyllum peltatum.

mandrel, mandril

(măn′drĕl) Handle that holds a dental tool so that it may be easily positioned by the operator. A spindle or shaft designed to fit a dental handpiece for the purpose of using a variety of tools for grinding, polishing, or buffing.


(măn′drĭn) [Fr.] A guide or stylet for a flexible catheter in order to give it shape and firmness, especially for use in the urinary meatus.


[Fr. manoeuvre fr. L. manu operari, to work by hand] 1. Any dexterous or skillful procedure. 2. In obstetrics, manipulation of the fetus to aid in delivery. SEE: labor. Particular maneuvers are listed under the first word. SEE: e.g, canalith repositioning maneuver; Heimlich maneuver; vagal maneuver.


(mang′gă-nēz″, -nēs″) [L. manganesium, magnesia, a mineral of the philosophers' stone] SYMB: Mn. A metallic element, specific gravity 7.21, atomic weight (mass) 54.94, atomic number 25. It is found in many foods (bananas, bran, beans, beets, blueberries, chard, chocolate, peas, leafy vegetables, and whole grains) and in the tissues of the higher animals. It is an essential element needed for normal bone ...

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