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(loyn) [Fr. loigne, ultimately from L. lumbus, the loins, genitals] The lower part of the back and sides between the ribs and pelvis; the lumbus.


The anxious, depressed, or dysphoric mood that occurs as a result of physical or psychic isolation.

loneliness, risk for

Vulnerable to experiencing discomfort associated with a desire or need for more contact with others, which may compromise health. SEE: Nursing Diagnoses Appendix.

long-acting contraceptive

A method of contraception that lasts for months or years, such as the insertion of an intrauterine contraceptive device (IUD) or a subdermal hormone implant. Long-acting contraceptive methods have a lower failure rate than short-acting methods because adherence with the regimen does not depend on taking the medication every day. SEE: contraceptive.


(lon-jev′ĭt-ē) [L. longaevus, aged] 1. Duration of life or of a life. 2. A long duration of life. It is adversely affected by diseases and conditions such as dementia, diabetes mellitus, heart or lung disease, cancer, obesity, tobacco use, alcohol and illicit drug use, unsafe behaviors that may result in trauma, and functional limitations, e.g., inability to walk more than a few blocks or a history of falling.

PATIENT CARE: A variety of calculators can be used to estimate the longevity of older adults, esp. those with acute or chronic disabilities or illnesses. Some examples can be found online at:

longevity extension

Life extension.


A persistent desire or craving for something, usually that which is remote or unattainable.


(lon-jis′ĭ-mŭs, lon-jis′ĭ-mī″) pl. longissimi [L. superlative of longus, long] In anatomy, a long structure, esp. a long muscle.


(lon″jĭ-tood′ĭn-ăl) [L. longitudo, stem longitudin-, length] 1. Parallel to the long axis of the body or part. 2. Continuing or lasting for some time. A longitudinal study follows its subjects from month to month or from year to year

long slow distance workout

An exercise program in which a low level of exertion is maintained for a long period of time, e.g., more than an hour, without resting.

long-term care facility

ABBR: LTCF. An institution such as a nursing home that is capable of providing continuous care for older or chronically ill persons.


(long′gŭs, long′gī″) pl. longi [L. longus, long] In anatomy, a long structure, e.g., a long muscle.


A colloquial term for retrospective research, that is, for any investigation that attempts to ...

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