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(lĭv′ĭd) [L. lividus, lead-colored] 1. Ashen, cyanotic. 2. Discolored, black and blue.


(liv-id′ĭt-ē) 1. Skin discoloration, as from a bruise or venous congestion. SYN: livor. 2. The state of being livid.

living needs benefit

Accelerated living benefit.

living will

An advance directive, prepared when a person is still alive, competent, and able to make decisions, regarding his or her specific instructions about end-of-life care. Living wills allow people to specify whether they would want to be intubated, ventilated, treated with pressor drugs, shocked with electricity (to stop life-threatening heart rhythms), and fed or hydrated intravenously (if unable to take food or drink). SEE: advance directive.


(lī′vor″) [L. livor, a black-and-blue mark] Lividity (1).


(lik″siv″ē-ā′shŏn) [L. lixivium, lye] Leaching.


left lower extremity.


large loop excision of the transformation zone.


left lower lobe of the lung.


left lower quadrant (of abdomen).


licensed midwife.


In geriatrics, the last 6 months of life. SEE: L2Y.


laryngeal mask airway.


left mentoposterior fetal position; last menstrual period. SEE: presentation for illus.


left mentotransverse fetal position. SEE: presentation for illus.


low molecular weight heparin.


left occipitoanterior fetal position. SEE: presentation for illus.


(lōd) 1. A weight supported or force imposed. 2. A substance given to test body function, esp. metabolic function. SEE: loading test.

genomic l. Viral l.

glycemic l. The glycemic index of a food multiplied by the its carbohydrate content (in grams) divided by 100.

viral l. A measure of the total body burden of viral particles present in human blood. Usually, the greater the number of particles, the sicker or the more infectious the patient. Antiviral therapies are initiated at certain levels of viral load and continued as long as viral reproduction is suppressed. SYN: genomic load.


(lōd′ing) The rapid or repeated administration of a drug to quickly achieve a therapeutic level.

carbohydrate l. Dietary increase of glycogen ...

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