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leprous, leprotic

(lĕp′rŭs) 1. Pert. to leprosy. 2. Affected by leprosy.

-lepsy, -lepsia

[Gr. lēpsia, -lēpsia, seizure] Suffixes meaning seizure.


(lĕp′tĭn) A helical peptide hormone produced by adipose tissue. Leptin acts on cells in the hypothalamus in response to increases in body fat storage to suppress appetite and increase energy expenditure. It also contributes to the onset of puberty and to the secretion of insulin by the pancreas.

lepto-, lept-

[Gr. leptos, thin, fine, slim] Prefixes meaning thin, fine, slight, delicate.


(lĕp″tō-sĕf′ă-lŭs) An individual possessing an abnormally vertically elongated, narrow skull.


(lĕp″tō-krō-măt′ĭk) [″ + chromatin] Having a fine chromatin network.


(lĕp″tō-mĕn-ĭn′jēs) sing., leptomeninx [″ + meninx, membrane] The pia mater and arachnoid as distinct from the dura mater. SYN: piaarachnoid. leptomeningeal, adj.


(lĕp″tă-mĕn-ĭn-jīt′ĭs) [″ + ″ + itis, inflammation] Meningitis in which infection, carcinoma, or inflammation involves only the pia mater and arachnoid membranes of the brain, not the dura mater. SEE: meningitis.

SYMPTOMS: Patients have an acute headache, pain in the back, spinal rigidity, irritability, and drowsiness ending in coma. SYN: piarachnitis.


(lĕp″tō-nē′mă) [″ + nema, thread] The early stage of prophase in meiosis. At this stage the chromatin coils into visible filaments. SEE: cell division.


(lep″tō-spī′ră) [lepto- + Gr. speira, coil] A genus of slender spirochetes with hooked ends.

L. interrogans icterohaemorrhagiae The species that causes hemorrhagic, spirochetal jaundice (Weil disease). The bacteria are found worldwide; the natural hosts are wild animals and dogs, which develop chronic kidney infection. Humans acquire the bacteria from contact with animals, e.g., in veterinary offices, or with contaminated water, e.g., during recreational water sports. Symptomatic infection ranges from mild gastrointestinal upset to fatal liver failure often in association with meningitis. A vaccine is available for dogs.


(lĕp′tō-spīr) Any organism belonging to the genus Leptospira.


(lep″tŏ-spī-rō′sĭs) [Leptospira + -osis] Any of several infectious diseases affecting humans and domestic animals (dogs, horses, pigs), caused by spirochetes of the genus Leptospira. SYN: Canefield fever; spirochetal jaundice.


(lĕp″tă-spīr-ūr′ē-ă, -oor′) [″ + ″ + ouron, urine] The presence of Leptospira in the urine.


(lĕp′tō-tēn) [″ + tainia, ribbon] The initial stage of the prophase of cell division. The chromosomes become visible as separate entities ...

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