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Cardiac Output, risk for decreased

Cardiovascular Function, risk for impaired

Constipation, chronic functional

Constipation, risk for chronic functional

Emancipated Decision-Making, impaired

Emancipated Decision-Making, readiness for enhanced

Emancipated Decision-Making, risk for impaired

Emotional Control, labile

Frail Elderly Syndrome

Frail Elderly Syndrome, risk for

Hypothermia, risk for

Hypothermia, risk for perioperative

Injury, risk for corneal

Injury, risk for urinary tract

Mood Regulation, impaired

Mucous Membrane, risk for impaired oral



Overweight, risk for

Pain, labor

Pain Syndrome, chronic

Pressure Ulcer, risk for

Sitting, impaired

Standing, impaired

Surgical Recovery, risk for delayed

Tissue Integrity, risk for impaired

Trauma, risk for vascular

SOURCE: Herdman, T.H. & Kamitsuru, S. (Eds.) Nursing Diagnoses – Definitions and Classifications 2015–2017. Copyright © 2014, 1994–2014 NANDA International. Used by arrangement with John Wiley & Sons Limited.

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