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Appendix Page
N1 Doenges, Murr, and Moorhouse's Diagnostic Divisions 2557
N2 Additional Nursing Diagnoses Approved Through 2015–2017 2560
N3 Nursing Diagnoses Grouped by Diseases/Disorders 2561
N4 Nursing Diagnoses in Alphabetical Order 2645

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Appendix N1 All approved NANDA-I nursing diagnoses are organized by the Doenges, Murr, and Moorhouse's Diagnostic Divisions nursing model. The use of a nursing model as a framework helps to organize the data needed to identify and validate nursing diagnoses.
Appendix N2 Lists the most recently approved NANDA-I nursing diagnoses (2015–2017) for quick reference.
Appendix N3 Provides a guide to choosing appropriate nursing diagnoses by alphabetically listing almost 300 diseases/disorders with their commonly associated nursing diagnoses. Each of the listed diseases/disorders has been cross-referenced from its position in the body of the dictionary. The nursing diagnoses are written as client problem/need statements including the phrases “related to” and “evidenced by” in the patient problem statements. A “risk for” diagnosis is not evidenced by signs and symptoms, as the problem has not occurred and nursing interventions are directed at prevention. Because the nursing process is perpetual and ongoing, other nursing diagnoses may be appropriate based on changing individual situations. To identify other applicable nursing diagnoses, check Appendix N1, then turn to Appendix N4 to test and validate your choices.
Appendix N4 Details the NANDA-I approved diagnoses through 2015–2017 in alphabetical order with their associated etiology [Related/Risk Factors] and signs and symptoms [Defining Characteristics]. This specific focus on assessment data/evaluation criteria helps you complete the validation process.

Herdman, T.H. & Kamitsuru, S. (Eds.) Nursing Diagnoses – Definitions & Classifications 2015–2017. Copyright 2014, 1994–2014 NANDA International. Used by arrangement with John Wiley & Sons Limited.

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