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Illustrations are listed according to the main entry or subentry that they accompany. Information in parentheses indicates the source of the illustration; a list of sources appears at the end of this list. Bonus multimedia content (illustrations and videos) can be found in DavisPlus.

ABCD's of melanoma

Abrasion (Venes)

Abruptio placentae (Holloway)

Antecubital abscess (Venes)

Visual accommodation (Scanlon)

Acetabulum of right hip bone (female) (Scanlon)

Nucleic acid DNA and RNA (Scanlon)

Clump of uric acid crystals (×400) (Strasinger)

Cystic acne (Barankin)

Acne papulosa

Acrochordon (Venes)

Acromioclavicular traction test (Starkey)

Nasopharyngeal airway (Wilkinson)

Oropharyngeal airway (Wilkinson)

Allen test (Starkey)

Alopecia areata of scalp (Barankin)

Alopecia capitis totalis (Barankin)

Alveolus of lungs (Gylys)

Amniocentesis (Gylys)

Anatomic snuffbox (Venes)

Aplastic anemia (×200) (Harmening)

Epidural anesthesia (Wilkinson)

Injection of spinal anesthesia (Williams)

Aortic aneurysms (Gylys)

Angina pectoris

Coronary angiography (Venes)

Intravenous fluorescein angiogram (Chung)

Arterial balloon angioplasty (Gylys)

Anthrax (CDC)

Antibody (Scanlon)

Anticoagulation (Venes)

Main parts of aorta (Lippert)

Major branches of aorta and vena cavae (Lippert)

Reflex arc for patellar tendon reflex (Hurst)

Arcus senilis (Venes)

Muscles of the arm

Systemic arteries

Aortic arteries (Thompson)

Structure of an artery (Thompson)

Brachial artery

Coronary arteries

Rheumatoid arthritis (Gylys)


Arthroscopy of knee

Abdominal girth caused by massive ascites (Venes)

Astrocytes (Scanlon)

Autonomic nervous system

Avulsed fingertip (Venes)

Bacteria shapes and structures (Eagle)

Balantidium coli cyst (×400) (Leventhal)

Male pattern baldness (Barankin)

Applying bandages (Wilkinson)

Baroreceptor (Thompson)

Basal temperature chart

Bell palsy (Venes)

Biceps brachii (Lippert)

Fine needle breast biopsy (Williams)

Blanch test (Venes)

Test for color blindness (Eagle)

Blood blister (Venes)

Blood composition (Gylys)

Types of blood cells (Harmening)

ABO blood types (Eagle)

Blood pressure (Wilkinson)

Transfer board (Wilkinson)

Boil (Venes)

Parts of a long bone (Hurst)

Hyoid bone

Brachialis (Lippert)

Major arteries of the brain (Scanlon)

Brain structures (Gylys)


Breast (Gylys)

Breast cancer

Breast self-examination (Holloway)

Bridging (Kisner)

Broncheal tree (Thompson)

Buffy coat (Eagle)

Bullae of impetigo (Barankin)

Second degree burn (Venes)

Burns (Gylys)

Blistered partial thickness thermal burn (Williams)

Prepatellar bursitis (Venes)

Coronary artery bypass (Williams)

Classic dihydrate calcium oxalate crystals (×400) (Strasinger)

Callus (Venes)

Anal canal

Cancer (Strasinger)

Lung cancer (Kintz)

Candidiasis (Barankin)

Needleless cannulae (Wilkinson)

Lymphatic capillary (Gylys)

Caput medusae (Venes)

Basal cell carcinoma (Barankin)

Squamous cell carcinoma (Venes)

Cardiomyopathies (Williams)

Cardioversion (Venes)

Carina of the trachea (Owens)

Decorated cast (Venes)

Cataract (Chung)

Types of catheters (Wilkinson)

Central venous catheter (Wilkinson)

Suprapubic catheter (Venes)

Catheterization of urinary bladder (Wilkinson)

Cavities of the body (Gylys)

Nasal cavity

Thoracic cavity (Chambers)

Common components and organelles of human cells (Hurst)

Helmet cells (Harmening)

Mast cell (Harmening)

Cellulitis (Venes)

Micturition center (Thompson)

Cerebrum (Gylys)

Typical chancre of primary syphilis (Barankin)

Chancroid (CDC)

Chloasma gravidarum (Ward)

Chloracne (Venes)

Laparoscopic cholecystectomy scars (Venes)

Circulation of blood through heart and major vessels (Eagle)

Fetal circulation (Gylys)

Pulmonary circulation (Eagle)

Systemic circulation (Thompson)

Ascites caused by cirrhosis (Venes)

Cladosporium (CDC)

Fingernail clubbing (Eagle)

Structures of the cochlea (Hurst)

Philadelphia collar (Venes)

Colon and rectum

Colon (Venes)

Colostomy sites

Vertebral column (Wilkinson)

Comedones (Barankin)

Condom use and HIV risk (CDC)

Female condom (Hawkins)

Conduction system of the heart (Gylys)

Contracture of the right hand (Venes)

Umbilical cord

Normal and diseased coronary arteries

Renal corpuscle (Thompson)

Organ of corti (Scanlon)

Cotton test (Starkey)

Craniometric points

Craniotomy (Venes)

Simian crease (Ward)

Crown-rump (Venes)

Cryogenic applications equipment (Venes)

Cryotherapy (Venes)

Phases of the menstrual cycle (Eagle)

Follicular cyst (Venes)

Dehydration resulting from sweating (Thompson)



Actinic dermatitis (Venes)

Atopic dermatitis (Barankin)

Contact dermatitis (Barankin)

Stasis dermatitis (Barankin)

Dermatofibroma (Barankin)


Dermatomyositis (Barankin)

Dermographism (Barankin)

Desquamation of the skin (Venes)

Abduction device (Williams)

Well-controlled diabetes mellitus (Venes)

Diapedesis (Thompson)

Contraceptive diaphragm

Movement of rib cage and diaphragm during respiration (Gylys)

Diffusion of respiratory gases

The digestive system (Gylys)

Diphyllobothrium latum

Intercalated disk (Scanlon)

Diverticulosis, seen endoscopically (Venes)

Diverticula of the colon (Gylys)

Uniform donor card

Postural drainage of lungs (White)

Drop arm test (Starkey)

Bile ducts

Drainage areas for lymphatic ducts (Thompson)

Dupuytren contracture (Kozol)

Structure of the ear (Gylys)

Structure of the inner ear (Scanlon)

Traumatic ecchymosis (Venes)

Echinococcus granulosus cysts (Leventhal)

Transesophageal echocardiography

Nummular eczema (Barankin)

Edema (Venes)

Pitting edema (Venes)

Elbow joint (Thompson)

Table of elements in the body (Thompson)

Pulmonary embolism (Williams)

Stages of development of human embryo including mature fetus (Eagle)


Emmetropia, myopia, hyperopia (Scanlon)

Osler nodes as seen in ineffective endocarditis (Williams)

Endocrine (hormonal) communication (Thompson)

Sites of occurrence of endometriosis (Eagle)

Cuffed endotracheal tube

Ependyma (Scanlon)


Epiglottis (Scanlon)

Glandular epithelium (×430) (Thompson)

Drug eruption (Venes)

Erysipelas (Barankin)

Erythema annulare (Venes)

Erythema multiforme (Barankin)

Erythrocytes (Harmening)

Erythroderma (Barankin)

Eschar (Venes)


Foreign body in esophagus (Venes)

Pelvic exam with speculum (Williams)

Wide and deep excision of skin and subcutaneous tissues (Venes)

Isometric exercise (Kisner)

Range-of-motion exercises

External fixation of fractures of the tibia and fibula

Extraocular eye muscles (Dillon)

Extravasation (Venes)

Anatomy of the eye (Gylys)

Muscles of face and scalp

Fasciola hepatica egg (Leventhal)

Fasciolopsis buski egg (Leventhal)

Right femur (Gylys)

Fertilization (Hurst)

Fibromyalgia (Eagle)

Visual field


Flatfoot (Venes)

Flow of cerebrospinal fluid through the brain and spinal column (Strassinger)

Fontanels of infant skull (Ward)

Bones of foot and ankle (Thompson)

Athlete's foot (Venes)

High Fowler position (Williams)

Foxglove (Venes)

Types of fractures (Gylys)

Traction applied to a fracture of the lower extremity (Wilkinson)

Fracture of the humerus (Strauss)

Fundus of the uterus (Chapman)

Fungi (Scanlon)

Gallstones (Eickhoff)

Ganglion cyst (Venes)

Gangrene (Venes)

Gastrostomy button (Venes)

Autosomal dominant inheritance (Thompson)

Autosomal recessive inheritance (Thompson)

Female genital organs (Gylys)

Male genital organs (Gylys)

Genu recurvatum (Starkey)

Adrenal glands

Endocrine system (Scanlon)

Pituitary gland (Gylys)

Salivary glands (Thompson)

Eccrine and apocrine sweat glands

Thyroid gland (Prajer)

Glaucoma (Gylys)

Filtration in glomerulus (Thompson)


Goniometer (Eagle)

Gout (Strasinger)

Acute gout (Venes)

Gram stain (Sacher)

Granuloma annulare (Venes)

Growth chart girls (CDC)

Growth chart boys (CDC)

Guidewire (Chambers)

Gynecomastia (Venes)

Cerebral gyri

Hair and adjacent structures of cross-section of skin (Gylys)

Bones of hand (Hurst)

Haustration, seen endoscopically (Venes)

Hawkins test (Starkey)

Muscles of the face and neck

Arteries and veins of the head

Wound healing

How hearing occurs (Thompson)

Structures of the heart (Gylys)

Heart-lung machine

Heimlich maneuver

Representative helminths (Scanlon)

Hemangioma beneath the right eye (Venes)

Hemochromatosis (Harmening)

Hemocytoblast (stem cell) and blood cells (Scanlon)

Hemoglobin A molecule (Harmening)


Henoch-Schönlein purpura (Venes)

Common locations of hernias (Gylys)

Abdominal wall hernia (Venes)

Reducible hernia (Venes)

Herniated disk (Gylys)

Genital herpes (Eagle)

Herpes labialis (Venes)

Herpes zoster (Barankin)

Hesselbach triangle (Chambers)

Old world hookworm (Leventhal)

Humerus (Hurst)

Hormones affecting hunger (Thompson)

Hydatid cyst (Leventhal)

Hydronephrosis (Gylys)

Hysterectomy (Gylys)

Magnetic resonance imaging (Hopkins)

Cell-mediated immunity (Scanlon)

Humoral immunity (Scanlon)

Impetigo (Barankin)

Dental implant

Body mass index (Shape Up America)

Myocardial infarction (Williams)

Ulcer due to diabetic foot infection (Venes)

Intravenous infusion technique

Metered-dose inhaler (Wilkinson)

Subcutaneous injection (Thompson)

Z-track injection (Eagle)

Injection drug use (Venes)

Insulin and glucagon functions (Scanlon)

International symbol of access

Intertrigo occurring in armpit (Venes)

Small intestine (Thompson)

Intrauterine contraceptive devices (Hawkins)

Orotracheal intubation (Venes)

Jaundice (Venes)


Types of joints (Hurst)

Myoneural junction (Scanlon)

Squamocolumnar junction (Venes)

Kaposi sarcoma (CDC)

Keloid (Venes)

Keratoacanthoma (Barankin)

Actinic keratosis (Venes)

Seborrheic keratoses on back (Venes)

Stucco keratosis (Venes)

Kidney (Gylys)

Nephron with its associated blood vessels (Gylys)

Knee (Thompson)

Knee injuries (Thompson)

Kyphosis (Venes)

Sequence of labor and childbirth

Laceration of the thumb (Venes)

Lachman test (Starkey)

Lacrimal apparatus (Hurst)

Laminectomy (Eagle)

Slit lamp examination (Gylys)

Langer lines


Larynx (Thompson)

Muscles of the leg

Bones of the leg and foot

Lentigo maligna (CDC)

Leopold maneuvers (Chapman)

Acute lymphocytic leukemia (Harmening)

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (Harmening)

Hairy cell leukemia (Harmening)

Leukoplakia (Wilkinson)

Lichen planus (Barankin)

Lichen sclerosus et atrophicus (Barankin)

Advanced cardiac life support (Venes)

The limbic system of the brain

Massive lipoma on the back (Venes)

Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (Williams)

Liver and gallbladder (Gylys)

Liver lobule (Thompson)

Louse (CDC)

Lungs (Eagle)

Systemic lupus erythematosus (Williams)

Cervical lymphadenopathy (Venes)

The lymphatic system (Gylys)

Circulation of lymphatic fluid (Thompson)

Lymphatics of the breast (Thompson)

Lymphedema of the leg (Venes)

Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (Venes)

Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (Strasinger)


Left lateral view of mandible (Gylys)

Medical marijuana card (Venes)

Red bone marrow (Thompson)

Medic alert symbol

Adrenal medulla (Thompson)

Megakaryocyte (Harmening)

Meiosis (Hurst)

Melanoma (Barankin)

Alveolocapillary membrane (Scanlon)

Cell membrane (Thompson)

Interosseous membrane (Lippert)

Meninges (Thompson)

Meningococcemia (Venes)

Qi merdidans (Williams)

Metastases (Harvey)

Microglia (Scanlon)

Mitosis (Hurst)

Moles (Barankin)

Molluscum contagiosum (Barankin)

Peak flow monitoring (Williams)

Monocytes (Harmening)

Morton toe (Starkey)

Selected muscles of the body (Gylys)

Muscle fiber (Thompson)

Morphological forms of muscle (Strasinger)

Fingernail (Gylys)

Nasogastric tube (Wilkinson)

Navicular drop test (Starkey)

Nebulizer (Gylys)

Necator americanus (Leventhal)

Lateral aspect of the neck

Necrosis (Venes)

Nerve structure (Thompson)

Acoustic nerve (8th cranial)

Cranial nerves and their distributions (Gylys)

Superficial branches of facial nerve (7th cranial)

Glossopharyngeal nerve

Spinal nerves (Gylys)

Neurodermatitis (Venes)

Neuron structure (Eagle)

Neuropathic foot due to diabetes (Venes)

Neutrophils (Harmening)

Nevus flammeus (Barankin)

Junctional nevi (Barankin)

Melanocytic nevus (Barankin)

Liquid nitrogen (Venes)

Lymph node

Subcutaneous nodules (Venes)

Nondisjunction (Thompson)

Ober test (Starkey)

Coronary occlusion (Venes)

Oligodendrocyte (Scanlon)

Omentum (Thompson)

Onychomycosis (Barankin)

Oogenesis (Scanlon)

Ophthalmoplegia (Venes)


Orchiectomy (Venes)

Ankle-foot orthosis (Venes)

Osmosis (Hurst)

Osteoarthritis of the knee (Venes)

Osteoporosis (Thompson)

Ostomy appliance (Venes)

Human ovum (Ward)

Transtracheal oxygen therapy (Williams)

Oxyhemoglobin dissociation curve (Scanlon)

Pacemaker (Venes)

Fat pad (Venes)

Sites of referred pain (Williams)

Pancreas (Thompson)

Tools for Pap test (Hawkins)

Papules on heel (Barankin)

Paronychia (Barankin)

Applying patch test (Barankin)

Peau d'orange (Venes)

Pectus excavatum (Venes)

Pelvis (Thompson)

Penis and other male organs (Thompson)

Perineum (Hurst)


Pes anserinus (Lippert)

Petechiae (Williams)

pH scale (Thompson)

Phagocytosis (Thompson)

Blood drawing from the antecubital vein (Venes)

Gastric pit (Thompson)

Delivery of the placenta (Chapman)

Body planes (Hurst)

Epiphyseal plate (Thompson)

Pleurae (Thompson)

Pneumocystis jiroveci (×1000) (Leventhal)

Pneumothorax (Gylys)

Poison oak (Venes)

Polycythemia vera (Harmening)

Polyps (Venes)

Nasal polyps

Popeye sign (Venes)

Positions (Wilkinson)

Sites for ectopic pregnancy (Chapman)

Presentations of fetus (Chapman)

Odontoid process (Thompson)

Promyelocyte (Harmening)

Protozoa (Scanlon)

Pseudomonas aeruginosa (Venes)

Psoriasis (Venes)

Guttate psoriasis (Venes)

Ptosis (Venes)

Pulses (Thompson)

Insulin pump (Williams)

Lumbar puncture (Eagle)

Pupil dilation and constriction (Thompson)

Purpura (Venes)

Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura

Pyoderma gangrenosum of the lower leg (Venes)

Abdominal quadrants (Wilkinson)

Universal radiation symbol

Causes of maternal death (WHO)

Rectum (Venes)

Reed-Sternberg cell (center) (Harmening)

Abdominal regions (Scanlon)

Transurethral resection of the prostate

Muscles of respiration (Thompson)

Respiratory system

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (Meyers)

Retina of the right eye (Chung)


Rib cage (Hurst)

Rosacea (Barankin)

Rugae (Gylys)

Rule of nines

Sacrum and coccyx

Salter-Harris fracture (Starkey)

Sarcoidosis (Barankin)

Sarcoptes scabiei (Barankin)

Scabies (Barankin)


Scalpels (Eagle)

Scapula (Hurst)

Schistocyte (Harmening)

Scoliosis (Gylys)

Scurvy (Goldsmith)

Seroma (Venes)

Myelin sheath (Thompson)

Shingles (Barankin)

Shoulder (Thompson)

Dialysis shunt (Venes)

Paranasal sinus (Thompson)

Skeleton (Gylys)

Structure of the skin and subcutaneous tissue (Gylys)

Bones of skull (Gylys)


Sense of smell (Thompson)

Nasal speculum (Wilkinson)

Vaginal speculum (Hawkins)

Normal and abnormal sperm

Spermatogenesis (Hurst)

Spermatozoon (Hurst)

Sphygmomanometer (Wilkinson)

Spinal cord (Scanlon)

Incentive spirometer (Williams)

Splint (Venes)

Contraceptive sponge (Hawkins)

Mongolian spots (Ward)

Staphylococcus aureus (Venes)

Stapled incision (Williams)

Stapling devices (Chambers)

Renal artery stenosis (Klein)

Stenotrophomonas infection of the leg (Venes)

Insertion of a coronary artery stent (Williams)

Sternotomy (Venes)


Stevens-Johnson syndrome (Barankin)

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (Venes)

Compression stocking (Venes)

Regions of the stomach (Thompson)

Muscles of the stomach wall (Thompson)

Stomatitis (Barankin)

Stria atrophica (Venes)

Stump of a foot (Venes)

Swallowing (Thompson)

Sway-back (Levangie)

Sycosis barbae (Venes)

Synapse (Gylys)

Syphilis (Barankin)

Syringes (Wilkinson)

Taenia saginata (Leventhal)

Taenia solium (Leventhal)

Skin tags (Gylys)

Cardiac tamponade

Temperature regulation (Wilkinson)

Tenodesis (Lippert)

Testis (Thompson)


Thoracotomy scar (Venes)

Thymus (Hurst)

Tinea capitis (Barankin)

Tinea corporis (Barankin)

Tinea cruris (Barankin)

Tinea versicolor (Barankin)

Positron emission tomography

Surface of tongue (Prajer)

Geographic tongue (Wilkinson)

Tonometry (Gylys)

Inflamed tonsils (CDC)

Structure of a tooth (Thompson)

Deciduous teeth (left side)

Tophi (Venes)

Total hip replacement (Gylys)

Tracheostomy tube in place (Gylys)

Patient with tracheostomy tube (Williams)

Ultrasonic transducer (Venes)

Trichomonas vaginalis (Leventhal)

Trichuris trichiura (Leventhal)

Trypanosoma cruzi (Leventhal)

Tuberculosis (Tamparo)

Tuberculosis (CDC)

Carpal tunnel (Thompson)

Twins (Ward)

Aphthous ulcer (Barankin)

Pressure ulcer (Barankin)

Rodent ulcer (Venes)

Venous stasis ulcer (Venes)

Doppler ultrasonography (Chapman)

Fetal ultrasound image (Enright)

Unna boot

Female urethra (Thompson)

Male urethra (Thompson)

Urinary retention

Urine (Strasinger)

Urine testing kit (Wilkinson)

Urticaria (Venes)


Vacuum-assisted wound closure (Venes)

Vagina and other female organs (Thompson)

Knock-knee (Starkey)

Cardiac valves (Thompson)

Types of mechanical heart valves (Williams)

Varicella (Barankin)

Esophageal varix in a patient with cirrhosis of the liver (Roberts)

Bowleg (Starkey)

Vas deferens and other male organs (Eagle)

Vasculitis (Barankin)

Vasectomy and its reversal (Gylys)

Systemic veins

Structure of a vein and venule

Varicose veins in leg (Gylys)

Venipuncture (Eagle)

Implantable venous access port

Noninvasive positive pressure ventilation (Williams)

Ventricles of the brain

Villi of small intestine (Eagle)

Viral shapes (Eagle)

Effect of HIV on immune system (Williams)

Vector of West Nile virus

Vitiligo (Barankin)

Vocal cords (Owens)

Vocal cords and glottis (Thompson)

Vulva (Eagle)

Common warts (Barankin)

Genital warts (Wilkinson)

Plantar wart (Barankin)

Medicine wheel

Circle of Willis

Open wound (Kloth)

Compression wrap (Starkey)

Xanthelasma (Venes)

Xerocytes (Harmening)

Conjunctival xerosis (CDC)

Budding yeast (Strasinger)


Z-plasty method of correcting a deforming scar

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