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Joni Goldwasser Barry, PT, DPT, NCS

Assistant Professor

School of Health Professions

Maryville University

St. Louis, Missouri

Rebekah R. Bower, MS, ATC, LAT

Education Coordinator

Athletic Training Education Program

Health, Phys. Ed. & Recreation Department

Wright State University

Dayton, Ohio

Marc Campo, PT, MS, OSC, Cert. MDT

Assistant Professor

Physical Therapy Department

Mercy College

Dobbs Ferry, New York

Gary Steven Chleboun, PhD, PT


School of Physical Therapy

Ohio University

Athens, Ohio

Liz L. Harrison, DPT, BPT, MSc, PhD

Professor and Associate Dean

School of Physical Therapy

University of Saskatchewan

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Suchita Kulkarni-Lambore, PT, PhD

Associate Professor

Physical Therapy Department

Chatham College

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Teresa Seefeld, PT, ATC

Assistant Professor

Athletic Training Department

University of Mary

Bismarck, North Dakota

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