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Description of the Symptom

This chapter describes possible causes of shin pain in a child. Local causes are defined as occurring distal to the knee and proximal to the ankle along the anterior portion of the lower leg. Remote causes are defined as occurring outside this region.

Special Concerns

  • Sudden onset of pain after mechanical injury particularly with weight bearing and/or palpation

  • Complaint of bone pain without mechanical injury that has persisted for longer than 2 weeks

  • Muscle pain that has persisted for longer than 2 weeks

  • Pain with repetitive activities, such as running

  • Any neurological signs suggesting increased compartmental pressure (ie, paresthesia or weakness of muscles below the knee)

  • Pain, edema, and redness over soft tissue of the calf or anterior compartment

  • Any of the above with fever, nausea, malaise, or fatigue

CHAPTER PREVIEW: Conditions That May Lead to Shin Pain in a Child
Common Ages at Which Shin Pain Presents in a Child

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