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Description of the Symptom

This chapter describes pathology that may lead to lumbar pain, including thoracolumbar pain. Local causes of lumbar pain are defined as pathology occurring within anatomical structures posterior to the abdominal aorta. Remote causes are defined as originating from structures anterior to and including the abdominal aorta.

Special Concerns

  • Abdominal pulsating mass

  • Bilateral lower extremity pain/numbness or weakness

  • Bowel and bladder changes

  • First episode of back pain in individuals younger than age 20 or older than age 55

  • Pain at rest or at night

  • Previous history of cancer

  • Previous history of prolonged use of steroidal medication, diabetes, human immune deficiency virus, or organ transplant

  • Rapid progression of neurological symptoms

  • Recent significant trauma

  • Saddle anesthesia


CHAPTER PREVIEW: Conditions That May Lead to Lumbar Pain

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