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This book owes its very existence to the passion, dedication, and support of a host of people:

The dedicated and expert physical therapists who strive to provide efficient and high quality healthcare for their patients every day, as well as the talented students who are training to become physical therapists. Without them, this book would not be necessary.

The many leaders and luminaries in the physical therapy profession who have advocated for the professional responsibility of physical therapists to determine the appropriateness of physical therapy for their patients. Without them, this book would not be relevant.

The individuals who contributed to this textbook, including its authors, editors, illustrators, and publishers. All their contributions are the result of their knowledge and hard work; they have indelibly shaped our collective understanding of diagnostic reasoning by physical therapists. Without them, this book would not be possible.

Our families, close friends, and colleagues, whose encouragement sustained the process of creating this book. Each page of this book is infused with their influences, ranging from the ideas that stemmed from countless hours of conversation to the inspiration of knowing that they may someday benefit from the application of this book's content by a physical therapist. Without them, this book would not be meaningful.

We offer this book in memory of Robin I. Burks, PT, DPT, CHT, our friend and colleague, whose life was cut short by a brain tumor during the creation of this book. His family, friends, colleagues, students, and patients miss his caring and gentle manner, his sense of humor, and the simple personal wisdom that complemented his expansive professional knowledge. As Dr. Burks encouraged the Doctor of Physical Therapy students at the University of Southern California in his 2008 White Coat Ceremony address, we similarly urge you to "…put on your coat, roll up your sleeves, and make the world a better place."

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