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The Brain

Lateral View—Major Areas by Function


Lateral View—Major Gyri and Sulci


Cortical Areas by Function

Two views: (A) horizontal section and (B) tranverse section with amygdala and insula identified, of deep brain structures oriented to identifications of amygdala.

Cortical Gyri and Sulci

Right lateral views of brain (upper) with gyrus and key structures labeled.

  • SFG: superior frontal gyrus

  • FP: frontal pole

  • MFG: middle frontal gyrus

  • preCG: precentral gyrus

  • poCG: postcentral gyrus

  • IFG: inferior frontal gyrus

  • SMG: supplemental motor gyrus

  • SPL: splenius

  • ANG: angularis

  • SOG: superior occipital gyrus

  • LOG: lateral occipital gyrus

  • IOG: inferior occipital gyrus

  • STG, MTG, ITG: superior, middle, inferior temporal gyrus

  • OG: orbital gyrus

  • ORB: orbitofrontal cortex

  • Oper: pars opercularis

Left Sagittal View—Brain


Left Sagittal View—Neuroimage

Left sagittal view of brain and brainstem.

Brain and Cranial Nerves—Inferior View


Brainstem Cranial Nerve—Anterior View


Posterolateral View of Brainstem


Transverse Section Through Brain


Transverse Section Through Brain, Neuroimage


Spinal Cord Cross Sections


(A) Cervical spinal cord colorized histology (Rorden). From: http://www.microscopy-uk. Accessed April 10, 2010.


(B) Cross section of lumbar spinal cord delineating gray and white matter structures. From: Accessed April 10, 2010.

Primary Motor/Sensory Cortex

Humunculus depicting representative primary and sensory motor areas.

TABLE 4.1Central Neurotransmitters

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