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Anterior View


Posterior View


Blood Supply to the Heart

There is considerable variation in the arterial venous branches to the myocardium. The table below lists the most common distributions.

Coronary artery dominance is a term used to describe which artery descends posteriorly from the crux to the apex of the myocardium. The right coronary artery is dominant and branches into the posterior descending branch in approximately two-thirds of humans; this is called right dominance. In these persons the right coronary artery supplies part of the left ventricle and ventricular septum. In the remaining third of humans, a branch of the circumflex is dominant, which is called left dominance, or dominance is from branches from both the right coronary artery and the circumflex artery, which is called a balanced pattern.

TABLE 5.1Arterial Blood Supply to the Heart

Conduction System of the Heart



Branches of the Aorta


TABLE 5.2Branches of the Aorta

Arteries of the Body


TABLE 5.3Arteries of the Pelvis and Perineum

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