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We benefited from many insightful articles on ethics published in the journals Physical Therapy and PTMagazine of Physical Therapy. Most of those articles are now available in a two-volume book, Ethics in Physical Therapy, published by the American Physical Therapy Association. Writers on physical therapy ethics and medical ethics who influenced our thinking are too numerous to list, but we wish to acknowledge Tom L. Beauchamp and James F. Childress, Robert M. Veatch and Harley E. Flack, Daniel Callahan, Laura Lee Swisher and Carol Krueger-Brophy, Janet Coy, Carol Davis, Amy Haddad, Ronald Munson, Ron Scott, and especially Ruth Purtilo, who has been a creatively commanding figure in the development of physical therapy ethics.

We thank our many students who over the years have challenged existing theory and offered their insights into ethical conduct. We are especially appreciative for case studies presented by the following that often formed the basis of cases in the book: Cindy Barrango, Eric Bisaccia, Destiny Bochinski, Mike Cain, Ted Carter Jimmy Cegelnik, Cindy ChunFat, Janell Click, Erica Deveau, Shivaun Duley, Kenneth Fujii, Kristen Hatten, Lauren Heller, Nick Henderson, Samneang Ith, Galen Kephart, Heidi Kessler, Danny Lam, Courtney Lillich, Erika Lindland, Jessica Mc Govern, Deanna Mucke, Marin Peck, Andrew Preszler, Ryan Proffit, Roxanna Ramirez, Zachary Ray, Michael Schommer, Marissa Sendowsky, Maria Shrime, Jason Smith, David Suginohara, Mathew Swkalak, Jamie Taylor, Laurie Vigen, and Megan Waite.

We also thank our colleagues and friends for their suggestions and support, including Lauren Shepherd, Peggy Snow, and Virginia Warren.

We thank Margaret Biblis and Melissa A. Duffield, our editors; George W. Lang, Manager, Creative Development; and Peg Waltner, development editor, who all provided an ideal combination of encouragement, editorial advice, and creative freedom.We also wish to thank the reviewers for F. A. Davis who gave us helpful feedback as the project developed.

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